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Why Are Patients Opting for CyberKnife Treatment in India? An African senior gentleman speaks with his doctor during a routine check-up in the doctors office

With the developed medical infrastructure and advanced facilities, India has set itself in the position of a leading medical service provider. India became a land for medical tourism, offering an effective and cost-effective solution for patients worldwide. It is doing good in the field of cancer and tumors, which is the most concerning disease in today’s time. India has a pool of dedicated surgeons and medical professionals who use their knowledge to provide better health and well-being for patients.  

Cyberknife Treatment is one of the advanced medical procedures in which India has gained expertise. Individuals worldwide are coming to the country to get the best treatment for their problems. Not only cyberknife treatment cost in India is less in comparison to other countries, but also the success rate of the therapy is high, which makes India a first choice in the field of Cybeknife Treatment.  

What is Cyberknife Treatment? 

In recent years, Cyberknife treatment has come to recognition. It is the advanced form of the set of radiation therapies that offers treatment for multiple tumor problems in the body. This radiation process is non-invasive and uses robotic technology for treatment. Cyberknife technology delivers the radiation accurately to the targeted areas only. The main criteria of the treatment are as follows: 

  • The treatment includes plenty of sessions that last around 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the factors like tumor size and location. 
  • The treatment is becoming popular for patients because patients can resume their day-to-day activities after the treatment or therapy session. 
  • This robotic technology process is equipped with real-time image guidance that tracks the tumor position effectively and works on the targeted area. 

What is the Process of CyberKnife Treatment? 

Once the patient is diagnosed with the necessary tests and evaluation, surgeons and medical professionals prepare a report on how to incorporate the treatment. The cyberknife treatment uses the robotic arm to ensure a smooth and targeted medical procedure. The arm targets the radiation beam to the affected area from various angles. 

The treatment uses an advanced imaging and tracking system to monitor the tumor movement in real time and deliver the high dose effectively. It will take one to five session to complete the procedure in which patients does not need anesthesia.  

What is the Cyberknife Treatment Cost in India? 

The cost of a medical procedure that is advanced, like Cyberknife technology, is expensive in many Western countries. Still, in India, it is not that expensive. The cyberknife treatment cost in India ranges from around INR 3,00,000 to INR 4,00,000. India is one of the most affordable medical tourist destinations, making it a first preference among people worldwide. 

Also, several factors affect the cost of the treatment before and after the medical procedure. Some internal challenges include age, tumor size, location, and patient’s medical background. On the other hand location of the hospitals, medical facilities, and infrastructure are some of the external factors that affect the cost of the treatment.  

In Which City Are You Looking for Cyberknife Treatment in India?

We all know that medical procedures are complicated and demand expertise and experience. Also, knowledge in the field and advanced research are necessary for everyone to expect better medical technology treatment results. For this, the best hospitals in India will always serve you the way you want. 

Here are the best hospitals that indeed give patients the desired results and high success rates – 

Apollo Hospital (Chennai) 

  • Apollo Hospital is the first hospital that introduced the advanced CyberKnife technology in the entire Asian Pacific. 
  • The Chennai branch of Apollo Hospitals provides patients with comprehensive cancer care with advanced cyberknife treatment. 
  • The hospital and its team are experts in advanced radiation oncology facilities.

Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai) 

  • With great regards, the hospital’s surgery department has led the country in Surgical Oncology since 1941.  
  • Tata Memorial Hospital is leading in advanced treatment like Cyberknife. 
  • The hospital uses the latest technology to make the treatment process in the favor of the patients. 
  • They use radiation oncology services to give their patients a high success rate. 

Medanta Medicity (Gurugram) 

  • Medanta Medicity is one of the best hospitals providing oncology services. It is known for offering expert medical care in cancer treatment. 
  • Medanta created the Disease Management Group (DMG) approach to controlling malignant and non-cancerous tumors to focus on a “Patient First” approach.   
  • A diverse team of specialists meets in a tumor board setting to discuss complex cases and decide the best treatment approach for each patient’s tumor type. This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive and personalized care.

AMRI Hospital, Kolkata (Mukundapur)  

  • One of the most reliable hospitals for cyberknife treatment in Kolkata, AMRI Hospital, is the first choice of patients. 
  • The hospital provides excellent care and support during the treatment and gives post-treatment consultations also. 
  • Patients from many Western countries come to AMRI Hospital for treatment. 

Treatment, like Cyberknife, is one of the best ways to treat tumors and cancers. This robotic technology works in real-time and uses its advanced feature to only attack the targeted area to treat the problem. It is becoming popular in India because of its characteristics, like less damage to other tissue around the target areas, resuming work after the surgery, and more. Indian hospitals offer every medical care and facilities a developed country can give its patients. The Indian hospitals include all the advanced facilities and medical care for a smooth and comfortable treatment option for its patients. Consider these hospitals your first choice because of the excellence of their treatments and cyberknife treatment cost in India

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