What Is A Printer Drum 2023?

Printer Drum

Printers have always been an important requirement for people who work on computers and considering the development in technology, there are a lot of new features and developments made to printers too. Laser printers are considered to be very trustworthy and long-lasting as they last long and the parts of the printer malfunction rarely. A laser printer is a very awesome function where different things combine together to print the images that you want. 

In the guide, we will be discussing a very part of a laser printer known as a printer drum which is used to shift the images that you want from computer to paper. We are going to tell you what a printer drum is and how it is used in a laser printer to print the things that you want. 

What is the Meaning of A Printer Drum?

If you are thinking about how a laser printer works then, you need to know about the printer drum as the printer drum is the most important thing for a laser printer. If you wish to print something from your computer or any other device that the printer is connected to, you need to make sure that the toner is transferred to the printer and the printer drum makes sure that your toner transfers the image carefully from your computer to the paper. This is also one of the main reasons why the printer drum is also called an imaging printer. 

The toner cartridge needs to be installed in a laser printer and if you have ever changed the toner cartridge of your printer then, I am sure that you have encountered the printer drum. You can easily recognize the printer drum as it is a teal or maroon-coloured cylinder that is close to your toner cartridge in your laser printer. 

What is the Difference Between A Printer Drum and a Toner Cartridge?

One of the common misconceptions that people have regarding a drum printer is that it is very similar to a toner cartridge. You know that a drum printer and the toner cartridge work together as they need to work in synergy to print whatever you want to. 

However, people are not sure what makes these two things different. These two printer parts are only used in a laser printer and if you have an Inkjet printer then, you particularly do not need to know about these as they do not exist in an Inkjet printer. The toner cartridge is a part that can be replaced from a laser printer as it contains the ink that is used to print whatever you want. However, if you are wondering what is the printer drum then, you need to know that the drum is used to transfer the ink that is present on the toner cartridge on the sheet of paper that you have inserted in your printer. You will find these two together in a plastic shell in your laser printer however, you can also find some laser printers where the two are placed differently.

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