Top Fashion Influencers in India


Here are the top fashion influencers in India. Hire a top influencer marketing company to collaborate with the top fashion Instagrammers.

Top Fashion Influencers in India

Top Fashion Influencers in India

Top Fashion Influencers in India 

India is a big and diverse country, and with that comes fashion that is culturally inspired for generations. With more people exposed to lifestyles across the globe, the Indian fashion industry is booming as more people have the freedom to express their personalities and identities through what they wear. However, because Indian fashion is so diverse, it is well defined into different categories, giving rise to top Indian fashion Influencers who are known for their deep niche needs, understanding and ability to attract like-minded individuals into their growing communities.

The top fashion influencers in India are people with great personalities and creativity. They are trendsetters able to create new demands by introducing unique styles in the market. From clothing hauls, lookbooks, product reviews and recommendations to makeup tutorials, sustainable shopping, outfit combinations and more, fashion influencers use different types of content to raise fashion awareness and literacy and contribute to the booming Industry. 

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List of the Top Fashion Instagrammers in India 

Juhi Godambe Jain

Juhi Godambe is an Indian fashion influencer who is known for chic and versatile fashion. Juhi’s name constantly floats around the Indian fashion space, and her accumulated awards and accolades merit her stand as one of the best fashion Influencers in India. Top International brands like Prada and Dior collaborate with this fashion influencer on product launches and event promotions.

Juhi Godambe loves to travel and explore the culture and fashion of different places. She flaunts various looks with outfits, jewelry and accessory combinations inspired by traditional and modern fashion. As a fashionista, Juhi has captured lifestyle during weddings, haldi sangeet, parties and other exclusive occasions, which has helped many set their next fashion goals.

Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey has been a trailblazer in the growing Indian fashion industry, starting with her blog College Contour, which blew up massively due to the inside full gems Komal Pandey provided every week. Her inspirations reached every corner of India. Eventually, Komal worked in different areas of fashion before choosing a life as a fashion content creator. Her casual, minimalist, casual and glamorous style can be seen in her pictures, music videos and dance performances. 

Komal Pandey is a hit on Instagram and YouTube. Her creative fashion tutorials, clothing hacks and makeup guides attract hundreds of thousands of fashionistas every day. Komal Pandey has set multiple fashion trends in motion. She has been part of Instagram #campaigns for National and international brands. 

Komal Pandey can relate to her audience, which makes her a formidable force in influencer marketing. 

Kritika Khurana

Anyone interested in fashion knows about Kritika Khurana, also known as that boho girl – and rightfully so for her expertise in vintage, chic and Bohemian fashion. 

Kritika is a popular Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer with a substantial social media presence. Kritika Khurana’s extensive fashion knowledge is only matched by her enthusiasm to raise fashion literacy and awareness in India. Among the Influencers, many accomplishments include her listing in the Times 40 under 40 list. Kritika has gone on to burst multiple fashion stereotypes and earn respect and recognition from a diverse audience segment.

Kritika is very active on Instagram, constantly posting outfits of the day, clothing hauls, closet makeovers, makeup tutorials, celebrity style looks, inspirational fashion ideas and travel diaries.

Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty is a unique blend of fashion and fitness. The eccentric and bold fashionista is helping people lead a healthy lifestyle with her yoga, workout and diet routines. Santoshi Shetty workshops and retreats across India are attended by thousands.

Santoshi Shetty has an extensive fitness and fashion outlook on her Instagram profile. Her styles are derived from fit clothing together with minimalistic styling with accessories producers’ unique, never-before-seen fashion. Santoshi is inspired to promote her choice of lifestyle through her actions. Many follow in this young fashion influencer’s footsteps to see changes one step at a time.

Siddharth Batra

Yes, we have Cosmopolitan’s best male fashion influencer, GQ’s most influential young Indian and E4M’s top fashion Creator, Siddharth Batra. 

Makeup is only reserved for women – well, not according to Siddharth Batra, who embraces every fashion to break stereotypes surrounding men and their lifestyle choices. The bold, charismatic and outspoken Indian fashion influencer launched different styles inspired by traditional and modern fashion. He has an exciting plethora of content where Siddharth experiments with different makeup products, accessories And clothing to bring his imagination to life. Together with the other top fashion Influencers on our list, Siddharth has been revolutionary in shaping the growing and evolving Indian fashion landscape.

Siddharth Batra frequently collaborates with other Influencers on promotional campaigns. He, together with Komal Pandey, make for a star-studded couple. Follow Siddharth Batra today to bring out that hidden fashionista in you.

Meghna Kaur

Finally, the list of top fashion Influencers in India comes to Meghna Kaur, who won the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Influencer of the Year award in 2022. She even features in the Forbes top 100 digital stars list. 

Meghna can do anything you can think of. She was able to set herself apart from others by creating fashion, beauty and Lifestyle content with a blend of comedy and relatable humour. Meghna Kaur is the Indian fashion influencer you need to follow when you need detailed clothing tips, makeup tutorials, body care routines, outfit of the day (OOTDs) and get ready with me (GRWM) content.

Meghna Kaur’s popularity has witnessed a massive spike throughout the years, which has brought her multiple brand partnerships. Meghna Kaur always wants the best for her audience. Hence, she promotes products after trying them out beforehand. The Indian fashion influencer has the trust and admiration of millions.


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