Teeth are such an important part of our lives. When a newborn sprouts a tooth it becomes a cause for celebration. Who could have imagined the cause of our celebrations could bring us so much pain. Toothache might just be the worst pain for an individual to experience. 

Contrary to popular belief, toothache can be caused by an endless number of reasons ranging from getting a kernel of popcorn stuck in your teeth to having your jaw broken. But the popular belief of it being the worst pain remains true.

What is a Toothache?

Simply put, a pain in or around your tooth means that you have a toothache. The range of pain that a toothache can make you feel is quite wide. A simple gum irritation resulting in a toothache can be cured easily by home remedies. However, a toothache resulting from cavities or infections could be severe and might require urgent dental care.

Note: If you are having chills or fever due to your toothache, immediately contact a dentist or go to the nearest hospital. Severe infections in teeth might sometimes spread to other parts of the body like the brain or even bloodstream. So, it’s better to be careful than losing your brain because of your teeth! 

What causes a toothache?

There are many reasons for a person to develop a toothache. Some of the common reasons for this hellish pain are:

  • Infection of the Gums
  • Decaying Tooth
  • Cavities
  • Grinding or Clenching of Teeth
  • Abscessed Tooth (bacterial infection causing collection of pus)
  • Cracked Tooth 

Sometimes a toothache is only a symptom of a bigger problem. Sinus infections, which cause swelling or inflammation in the nasal cavities, could possibly be the cause of your toothache. TMJ problem, or pain in the muscles and bones of the jaw, can also cause toothache. Several studies have even linked diabetes to a variety of oral health issues, including tooth decay and gum infection. 

Hence, the cause of your toothache can really be endless. It’s better to find the root of your toothache problem in order to arrive at the best course of treatment.

  • Can stress also be the cause of toothache?

Believe it or not, stress can also be the cause of your oral pain. Stress in all its capacity can and will weaken your immune system. A weakened immune system makes you vulnerable for infections. It can also have a negative effect on your oral hygiene habits making you eat more sugary or acidic foods. 

When should you seek help?

Typically a toothache should only last for two days. If your toothache is not subsidizing after two days you should definitely seek medical help. Swelling in your face or jaw caused by a toothache is also a matter of concern and you should get that checked out immediately. 

Basically, if a toothache is so persistent that no amount of medications or home remedies are helping you out and it is disrupting your daily life you should seek medical help at once. 

What makes toothache the worst kind of pain?

Everyone of us is guilty of neglecting our oral health. The problem with oral health is that it deteriorates over time, making it easier to ignore until you reach a point when neglecting your oral health results in excruciating pain or discomfort. The wide array of pain a simple toothache can land you in, makes it the worst kind of pain. Oftentimes a simple toothache results in jaw pain, ear pain, and even a throbbing headache. 

A dull, persistent toothache may indicate an infected tooth. It could also mean that you grind your teeth while sleeping. 

A severe, stabbing ache might suggest a cavity or break in your tooth. It might be a problem with an existing filling or crown.

Severe, throbbing pain can mean that an infection has infiltrated your tooth pulp.

Heat and cold sensitivity could suggest a variety of issues, including cavities, cracks, or gum disease. If the pain goes away swiftly, you may have worn your enamel.

And these are just a few of the several forms of toothaches that might occur!

What are some remedies for toothache?

Surprisingly, when it comes to toothache home remedies might just be more effective. Some of the best known home remedies are:

  • OTC Pain Relief Medication
  • Saltwater Gargle
  • Clove or Clove Oil
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint Tea

Bottom Line

Unquestionably, toothaches can be a painful experience. Because teeth are one of the strongest elements of the human body, it makes sense that the pain they cause is also one of the strongest! 

Toothache is not something you can’t ignore, but having said that, you should never ignore a toothache and should seek immediate medical care if the pain becomes too much to bear

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