The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses


DLCs are a great way to keep a game fresh even after it has been out for a long time and to give players a new task, like a hard boss, to take on.

DLCs have become a standard way for game makers to add more content to their games. Most of the time, DLCs in RPGs and ARPGs mean that you have to fight and beat a new boss or bosses.

But of course, these new DLC bosses are not easy. These bosses expect players to have most, if not all, of the end-game things that the base game has to offer because they will need them to fight these world-enders. Here are some of the most difficult DLC bosses that will put a player’s patience and game knowledge to the test.

Ryu/Evil Ryu/Akuma/Oni: Asura’s Wrath Lost Episodes DLC

The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses

Asura’s Wrath is a fun action game from CAPCOM. Players take control of Asura, a demigod who wants revenge on the other demigods who failed him and wants to kill them all. Asura meets Ryu and Akuma, two popular CAPCOM characters from the Street Fighter series, in the Lost Episodes DLC.

After the cutscene, Asura and Ryu will fight in a way similar to Street Fighter 4. The way Ryu’s damage works makes him hit hard. Players have to beat Ryu twice in SF4 mode. First, Ryu turns into Evil Ryu, and then the fight goes back to how it usually works in Asura’s Wrath.

Once Evil Ryu is beaten, Akuma jumps into the fight and challenges Asura to another Street Fighter 4 match. Akuma is a more aggressive form of Ryu, and after beating him twice in SF4 mode, players will face Oni in normal fighting mode. Oni does more damage and will test the patience of players.

Omega: Final Fantasy 15 Royal Pack DLC

The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses

Final Fantasy 15 is one of the more current JRPGs that helped Square Enix improve the way they make their battle system. This made boss fights more action-packed and made it so players have to think of more different ways to beat bosses.

This is true for the Omega fight in the Royal Pack DLC for Final Fantasy 15. Square Enix is known for making tough extra bosses at the end of games, and Omega is no different. At level 119, Omega has a lot of strikes that do a lot of damage and can wipe out a player’s party. He also has armor that can block most hits.

To hurt Omega, players need to don royal arms and use Warp Strikes to chip away at its health. This fight is more about wearing each other down and seeing how many Phoenix Downs players can throw at their party members who are already down.

Extreme Behemoth: Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC

The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses

People often talk about the Monster Hunter games when they talk about boss fights that are hard. With the Iceborne DLC, players got more huge monsters to fight with. The Behemoth, which is the second-to-last monster, comes from the world of Final Fantasy.

This famous late-game monster caused a lot of trouble in the many Final Fantasy games it was in because it had high HP, good defense, and strong strikes and skills. In the Iceborne DLC, most of the Behemoth’s raw power stayed the same, and it got new strikes to scare smart hunters.

Meteor is its main attack, and it does a lot of damage to whatever it hits. Charybdis is an attack that sends out deadly tornadoes that turn into hunters. Getting rid of a Behemoth or its very powerful Extreme version requires a lot of planning, high-level weapons and armor, and a well-coordinated team that knows what to do at each stage of this intense monster fight.

Dark Esau: The Binding Of Isaac Repentance

The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses

Most DLC bosses have their own areas that players need to get to before they can fight them. However, Dark Esau from The Binding of Isaac: Repentance DLC turns things around by constantly trying to find and kill the player.

As soon as the player spawns on a floor, Dark Esau starts to chase them fiercely. Once Dark Esau touches the player, the player becomes a version of The Lost and can be killed by any source with just one hit. Dark Esau has a lot of health, like most bosses. It is possible to kill it, but it will take a long time, and once the player goes to a new room, Dark Esau will respawn and chase the player again.

This DLC is for players who want to make their run even harder. But keep in mind that Dark Esau will not stop or give you a break during a single run.

Chef Saltbaker: Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses

The amazing DLC for the much-loved 2D action game Cuphead is called “The Delicious Last Course.” This is mostly because there are more stages and boss fights, which will test many players’ skill and mental strength.

Chef Saltbaker is the last boss you have to beat in The Delicious Last Course. It’s hard to get to him because players need to collect some key items that they can get by beating some of the main bosses. After getting the fixings, players can go to where the Chef is and find a trap door. After a short movie, players will have to fight the evil sodium dispenser.

The sheer number of steps in this boss fight makes it hard to beat. Chef Saltbaker has four stages, and there isn’t much room to breathe between them. When trying to beat this boss, players will need to be at the top of their game.

Orphan of Kos: Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC

The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses

From Software games are known for having bosses that are hard to beat. But when it comes to their DLCs, the Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC has the hardest DLC boss.

Geometry Dash Subzero teaches players that attack is the best way to stay alive and beat bosses, and this is still true for most of the bosses in the Old Hunters DLC. But The Orphan of Kos takes this concept and turns it up to 11.

As the final boss, the Orphan of Kos is very aggressive and will hurt players who aren’t ready for its strikes by ripping, tearing, clawing, and bludgeoning them. The Orphan of Kos is always there, and players will only get small chances to take advantage of him.

Even though it only has two stages, in the second stage the Orphan grows wings and jumps all over the map to hit the player. It can also attack with a powerful thunder move that will hit most of the arena. Hunters should have as many Blood Vials as possible for this fight.

Adam And Eve: Nier Automata 3C3C1D119440927 DLC

The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses

The 3C3C1D119440927 DLC for Nier Automata lets players read a small side story about Plato 1728. But the main reason people buy this DLC is for the tournaments, which have tough enemies and different kinds of loot.

Adam and Eve are two of the many hard enemies you can fight in the venues. This battle is especially hard because players have to deal with Adam and Eve the whole time. They move very quickly and can kill a player with one hit or a series of hits.

Getting to the arena’s final boss fight is a huge task, since most of the enemies in the course are stronger than the player’s highest level. So, players who want to try out the deadly duo have to grind for the best damage and survival chip sets on top of their favorite maxed-out guns.

Absolute Radiance: Hollow Knight Godmaster DLC

The 8 Most Difficult DLC Bosses

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania game that is loved for how smooth it is to play and how many DLCs it has. With the Godmaster DLC, players can go to the Pantheons arena, which is well-known. All of the game’s bosses are in this area. Absolute Radiance is on top of the Pantheons of Hallownest.

Absolute Radiance is the hardest enemy players can face. He is the last boss in the DLC. This is the perfect version of Radiance, another boss that players have to beat to get to Absolute Radiance.

The strikes of her Absolute Radiance form are similar to those of her Radiance form, but they all happen much faster and are much more dangerous. Some of these are the Sword Wall, the Spike Floor, and the Wall of Light. In the sixth part, she uses Orb Barrage, which throws orbs all over the screen and at the player.

Absolute Radiance’s attacks must be learned by heart because this boss fight is the final test of how well the player knows the game.

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