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Sea Salt or Regular Salt: Which Way Should You Go?

You may have noticed your meals being cooked with table salt most of the time. As much as adding salt to food is necessary, adding the right one is even more necessary. 

The human body needs to stay hydrated, and the right amount of sodium is essential. However, let’s not forget the fact that consumption of too much salt may cause hypertension. However, if you need to choose which salt to bring into your kitchen, you might get a little confused as some would suggest bringing sea salt considering its health benefits, and some would suggest going for regular salt as it is easy to find. 

But since consuming the right salt is essential, understanding both salts’ benefits to determine the difference is also necessary. 

Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea salt is of two types: Celtic sea salt and Himalayan sea salt. While the first has a high amount of magnesium, the Himalayan sea salt has iron and possibly eighty-four trace minerals. It gives a small glimpse of the benefit of using sea salt in food. However, discussing all its benefits will provide a more detailed perspective, helping you to choose the right salt the next time. 

1. Keeps The Body Hydrated

Salt is believed to be one resource that helps keep the human body hydrated. Although most people use table salt rather than Celtic sea salt, fine ground to keep the body hydrated, sea salt, due to possessing various types of nutrients, helps to keep our body hydrated and satisfies our thirst for a long time. Sea salt helps retain the body’s fluid, which is one of the reasons why seal salt is good for keeping the body hydrated. 

2. Maintains Electrolytes in The Human Body

Magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, in short, the presence of electrolytes is plenty in sea salt. The electrolytes are necessary for brain health, heart and strong muscle. While magnesium helps to maintain muscle power, calcium and potassium are good for the heart’s health. Also, the electrolytes are good for the nervous system. So, add some sea salt to your daily food to get the daily dose of overall body power. Also, consider adding sea salt to lemon water and drinking it every morning for added benefit. 

3. Helps to Retain Fluid in The Body

Salt may sometimes cause bloating in the stomach, which may cause gas to pile up later. That is why some people think eating food containing too much salt may disturb their health. While that is true, it only happens when one consumes table salt or regular salt. 

However, the feeling of bloating in the stomach is not visible when it comes to sea salt. Sea salt comes with a balanced ratio of minerals like potassium, sodium, etc., which helps to release the piled-up water in the stomach. So, build the habit of adding sea salt to your daily food. It will help you eliminate the bloating by releasing unnecessary water from the body. You can order some Celtic sea salt from Canada to use in your regular food if bloating is a regular occurrence. 

4. Improves The Skin

Sea salt is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and minerals. Due to these, sea salt is considered to be very beneficial for the skin. 

Since sea salt is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, and minerals, various beauty brands use this in their products. Sea salt exfoliates the skin, detoxifies the same, offers enough nutrients to the skin and increases the circulation of the skin. That is why people suffering from acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc., use sea salt products. Those who like to use anti-ageing cream regularly also benefit from sea salt. 

5. Helps to Get Rid of Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are very common in everyone, regardless of age. While muscle cramps can result from less water consumption, the lack of electrolytes is also one of the main reasons for experiencing muscle cramps. If your body lacks enough potassium, sodium, calcium or magnesium, you may feel cramps in the muscle, soreness and restless leg syndrome. 

A lack of minerals weakens the muscles and causes more contractions. In that case, Taking sea salt baths is considered beneficial. Also, unlike regular salt, the presence of magnesium in the salt helps the muscle to relax. So, if you have to work hard throughout the day, you can re-energize your body by taking a hot sea salt shower before bed.  

6. Helps to Sleep Properly

The notion that salt can help to sleep properly is highly disagreed. Usually, salt can cause bloating in the stomach by retaining water. While true, it only happens if one consumes regular salt before bed. Regular salt in the body causes a disbalance of sodium in the human body, causing various other problems too. 

However, sea salt contains various useful electrolytes, which may improve sleep quality. You may also feel less thirsty and hungry and more satisfied when eating. 

7. Promotes Vascular Health

Salt is never considered something that can improve the heart’s health. But that is a notion reserved for regular salt. Regular salt has a nonexistent mineral profile, so it is not considered good for retaining great heart health. 

On the other hand, sea salt is rich in minerals, and since it is rich in potassium, it provides significant protection against heart disease. So, even though you may have thought that salt disturbs vascular health, it only happens if you feed yourself the wrong salt. So, carefully choose which salt to add to your food regularly. 

8. Promotes Digestion

Salt is often believed to be one of the reasons for bloating in the stomach. But when it comes to understanding the Celtic sea salt benefits, its power to promote digestion is not to be underestimated. Sea salt starts to perform its magic in the mouth, where salivary amylase, an enzyme helpful to break carbohydrates in the saliva, gets activated due to consuming sea salt through food. 

Moreover, sea salt creates hydrochloric acid, which breaks down food. Maintaining the proper balance of sea salt in the body assists in making hydrochloric acid, which can stop heartburn, bloating, gas, indigestion, etc. So, consider adding sea salt and not regular salt to your daily food to have a healthy gut. 

9. Controls Blood Pressure

Usually, doctors recommend that patients with high blood pressure should consume less salt. But that is only applicable to regular salt. With sea salt, it is a different scenario. A great quality sea salt is good for controlling high blood pressure. 

If someone has high blood sugar or eats a lot of processed food and regular salt, it can increase the blood pressure level. Also, high BP causes inflammation, another problem, occurring due to consuming regular salt. 

Sea salt, high in minerals, can decrease inflammation, helping the human body increase immunity power. So, consider changing your salt type immediately to stay fit and free from high BP problems. 


People have very different ideas about salt. While most people are against eating too much salt, very few understand which type of salt they should use. Even though we use regular salt as it is easier to find, the benefits of sea salt are plenty. Sea salt does everything from preventing chronic heart disease to maintaining the body’s immunity power. So, even if you have built a habit of using regular salt in your food, choosing sea salt for daily food consumption is always a wise choice.


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