Roadmap To Mastering React JS


In this post, today we are sharing with you a roadmap to mastering React JS. For more details read this blog post.

React JS


React JS is a highly reliable and open-source front-end development library. Through its use, you can develop robust UIs for applications and websites in a matter of seconds. Besides this, the library also gives a big boost to the productivity of the developer. In other words, learning to work with this library can be quite advantageous for you. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you a roadmap to mastering React JS.

Here’s a roadmap that you can follow to master React library.

Master the basics

No matter what front-end technology or framework you seek to learn you must master the basics first. Similarly, you must master basic front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JS before trying to master React. Why? Because these technologies are key pillars of the web development field. Thus, you must master them before mastering any other technology. Moreover, spending your time mastering these technologies will also help you in mastering ReactJS. In other words, it can be worthwhile for you to master these basic front-end technologies. So, make sure you master the basics if you plan to become an expert in working with the React development library. To learn about the basics concepts of HTML and other basic front-end technologies in detail feel free to join our React JS Course.

General Development Skills

The next thing you have to do is master general development skills. Why? Because unless you have basic development skills you can’t survive in the programming world. For instance, you must have knowledge of Git, terminal, networking protocols, data structures, design patterns, etc.  So, make sure you master these basic development skills before learning React. If you do this then it will become quite easy for you to master the front-end development library.

Learn React JS

After mastering all the basics you must move your attention towards learning React. The best way to master this astonishing development library is to learn from its official documentation. However, since you are a beginner you might find this method quite overwhelming. So, if you have resources then you can join a training program to master React JS. You can easily find numerous React JS training programs online & offline if you do some research. But before, joining any course online/offline do go through its content/curriculum. This will help you decide whether it is worthwhile to join that React learning program or not.

Master Development Tools

As a React developer, you will have to use different tools for development. Thus, it is essential that you get familiar with different development tools. Besides this, you must get familiar with different debugging and unit testing tools also. Remember a developer is as good as his knowledge about development tools. So, do learn about different development/testing tools if you want to become a proficient React developer. Following are some of the major tools that you must consider mastering:

  • npm
  • yarn
  • pnpm
  • Task Runners
  • npm scripts
  • gulp
  • Webpack
  • Rollup
  • Parcel

Apart from this, you must also get familiar with tools such as Reactide, Evergreen, Bit, Redux, etc.


If you aim to become a competent React JS developer then you must have knowledge of styling. Why? Because this knowledge can help you a lot in your work. Furthermore, it will also enhance your value as a React developer. So, do consider learning/mastering styling if you also want to become an expert developer. For this, you can learn technologies CSS Architecture, CSS Preprocessors, etc. However, if you don’t have an interest in learning these styling technologies then at least learn Bootstrap. It is a magnificent CSS framework using which you can easily style your apps and websites. Moreover, this robust CSS framework is also quite easy to use. So, do master this great CSS framework if you desire to become an expert React developer. To learn how to use the CSS framework in detail feel free to join our React JS course in Delhi.


Learning/mastering the React library is not that hard. Anyone can easily master the front-end library by following the correct plan. So, carefully follow the above roadmap if you want to easily/quickly master the React library. If you do this then you will become proficient in the front-end library in a short time.

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