Revolutionary Journey of Cosmetics from Old Times to the New Era

Revolutionary Journey of Cosmetics from Old Times to the New Era

Revolution of cosmetic products:

The use of cosmetics has been common in the world since almost the 15th century. Egyptians were the first people who use cosmetics. Cosmetics is the production of Western history. But with time, the use of cosmetics became common all over the world. Cosmetics are used for enhancing beauty and it is famous in the world of women. Since then cosmetics have been made from natural kitchen products but with the increasing demand people started to make cosmetics with effective chemicals. Those chemical-based cosmetics were suitable for some skin types. Then, with the revolution of time and fashion more innovative cosmetics formed. Now, in the 21st century, with the passing age and revolution cosmetic products are made according to all skin types. Organic cosmetics are also used nowadays. Back in the centuries, there was not much variety of cosmetics but now there is a vast range of cosmetic products. Cosmetics can be skin care, hair care, hand and feet care, body care, creams, gels, and makeup products like primer, concealer, foundations, bronzer, highlighters, shades, liners, and much more.

Increasing demand for cosmetics:

Cosmetics have been in demand for the past years. With time, the demand is increasing more and more among women of all ages and all regions. Cosmetics have become a basic need for working women, celebrities, and girls. The reason for the increasing demand is social media. Influencers are used to promote different cosmetic brands. Instead of this, passionate women are also investing in the business of cosmetics. They used to invest and establish their brand. These days, almost all celebrities and influencers are investing in their businesses, in which cosmetics are the most common. Another reason for increasing demand is the packaging. Custom cosmetic packaging urges women to invest in deals.

Importance of cosmetics:

Cosmetics are important for everyone in several ways nowadays.

  • These days’ makeup is equally important for men and women. Celebrity men, grooms, and normal men have somehow adopted the style of using cosmetics in daily life.
  • Makeup is used to build up self-esteem.
  • Makeup and cosmetics enhance beauty and confidence in daily regular life.
  • Celebrities and TV artists who focus on outer appearance more than anything beat the flashes of cameras with makeup.
  • There are some cosmetic products in the form of creams and sunscreens which help people in protecting themselves from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Makeup helps people in boosting energy. Most women use makeup and skincare to better their mood and health.

Good packaging of cosmetics:

When it is a matter of selling skincare, makeup, and personal care, the first thing that comes to mind is packaging. Usually, people order cosmetic products through online channels which makes good packaging an important factor. Good packaging makes the product catchy and distinctive from other brands. Custom cosmetic boxes are designed to give a professional and unique look to your products. Cosmetic packaging boxes attract buyers and increase the demand for your products.


There are two types of cosmetic packaging, primary and secondary. The primary packaging is the jars, tubes, and bottles in which the products are preserved and filled. Focusing on secondary packaging, custom cosmetic boxes are designed with cardboard sheets. These cardboard cosmetic packaging boxes do not let the products break. Many of the cosmetic products are filled in glass jars, which require extra care and protection during delivery.

Cosmetic boxes can be made more attractive by using purposeful colors, printing actual result images, and printing the ingredients, use, and benefits on the packaging. These packaging boxes can be designed with different prints, colors, and logo designs to give full information to the customer.

Protection of cosmetic products:

Cosmetic manufacturers should ensure the protection of cosmetics from leakage and breakage. The more compact boxes you use; the better quality customers receive. The cardboard material prevents the inside product from damage. The box should be the size of the product. You can also prevent the box from any damage by the external coating and laminations. Many cosmetic products like mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks, perfumes, and foundation bottles, are prone to get cracks and damage during import and export. The premium and snug fit in the packaging boxes protects these kinds of products. You can choose the Kraft paper and other materials over the Cardboard packaging as well. Custom cosmetic packaging is designed to protect your products from dust, moisture, and sunlight.

Final Words:

Cosmetics are in the highest demand among people from all regions. More than 70% percent of users of cosmetics are women, who buy things that are catchy to the eyes and worth buying. So, for the satisfaction of these users, the outer packaging of cosmetics matters a lot. The cosmetic packaging should be gleamed and sparky with full care and protection.

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