Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall


After all, being a vampire god isn’t easy.

Redfall doesn’t waste any time getting ready for its biggest fights against the Vampire Gods, a group of powerful vampire enemies. Each of these big, powerful bosses is important to the story of the game and is presented at the end of each campaign chapter.

Before you can face them directly, though, you’ll have to get past their minions, who have taken over different parts of the sleepy New England-style town. Because some of these boss fights can be hard, you’ll want to make sure you’re good at hunting vampires before taking on the best bosses in Redfall.

Hollow Man: Multi-Armed Madman

Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall

Hollow Man is the first boss you face in Redfall. He has eight nasty-looking arms and a rib cage that is falling apart. His dark heart is inside the rib cage. He used to be called Dr. Addison, and he worked as a top doctor at Aevum Laboratories. He and his daughter Amelia lived in the Addison Mansion.

After Dr. Addison found the thing that turned people into vampires, he started doing experiments on himself, which led him down a bad road. After becoming Hollow Man, the now-corrupted Dr. Addison led an army of vampires to take over the town of Redfall.

Tips For Defeating Hollow Man In Redfall

Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall

In Redfall, your fight with Hollow Man is the first of several scary boss fights. So, you should pay close attention to how he attacks and watch for any weak spots, like his rib cage, which is sometimes exposed during the fight.

You can kill Hollow Man quickly if you aim for this area with lots of shots and stakes. During the fight, he will also make blood bags and vampire shades to protect himself and try to catch you. Destroy the blood bags and stay away from the vampire shades while doing as much damage as you can to his middle.

Miss Whisper: Mother Nature’s Rapture

Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall

Miss Whisper was not only Redfall’s second boss, but also the second executive and top researcher at Aevum Laboratories, where she worked with Dr. Addison, also known as Hollow Man. She also gave the player character Jacob Boyer his vampire eye and his bird friend.

Miss Whisper’s good acts don’t end there, though. She then attacks and kills Jacob’s Bellwether Security classmates. Miss Whisper’s long-term contact with vampires turned her into a monster like Medusa who could grow tree roots from her body.

Tips For Defeating Miss Whisper In Redfall

Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall

As soon as the boss fight with Miss Whisper starts, it’s clear that she won’t be as easy to beat as Hollow Man. During the fight, she will often shoot homing weapons that look like branches and will find you and do a lot of damage.

Even worse, Miss Whisper is hard to catch because she keeps showing up, going away, and coming back around the field. She often calls up vampire shadows, like Hollow Man. To beat her, you’ll need to move around all the time and shoot whenever she stops.

Bloody Tom: Noxious Vampire, Terrible Son

Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall

Before Redfall’s story took place, Bloody Tom was already thought of as a bad person. The would-be vampire god was too focused on his job as CEO of Aevum Laboratories. At one point, he left his sick father to die while he himself was dying from a disease.

This fact comes up again later in the game, when your character has to use Bloody Tom’s father’s bell to call the evil ruler from hell. It makes sense, given how important he was in setting up the vampire takeover of Redfall.

Tips For Defeating Bloody Tom In Redfall

Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall

The boss fight with Bloody Tom is different from others because your character almost always takes damage during it. This is because he can call up clouds of vampire gas all over the map, which slowly drain your health if you stand in them.

Your best chance of staying alive at this point is to keep an eye out for gas clouds and keep moving around the map until Bloody Tom comes out of one of the nearby holes. As soon as you have a chance, throw as much firepower as you can at the bad vampire to win the fight.

Black Sun: Leader Of The Vampire Gods

Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall

In the last part of Redfall, you go up against Black Sun, who is the strongest vampire of them all. At Aevum Laboratories, she is thought to have been the first biotechnologist to find the trigger for becoming a vampire. However, her career in science was cut short when she chose to make a deal with death.

This leads to the creation of Black Sun, a scary creature from another world with a lot of power that puts her at the top of the vampire food chain in Redfall. As part of her master plan, Black Sun uses her powerful powers to block out the sun and push the water away from the island. This traps the people of Redfall.

Tips For Defeating Black Sun In Redfall

Ranking 4 Best Bosses In Redfall

Like most final bosses, Black Sun’s fight is just as hard as any other boss fight in Spacebar Clicker. With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure you have all the gear and healing things you need and have finished any story-related sidequests you still need to do.

At the start of the fight, it should be your top goal to kill any vampires nearby. After that, Black Sun will call The Totality, causing you to fight him while you free her victims. Once you kill The Totality, you should collect his vampire parts and keep fighting until you beat Black Sun and set Redfall free.

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