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Replicate The Gamer Look With Our PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket Costume Guide

So, you are a PUBG fan and want to bring your virtual identity to life, huh? Let us walk you through creating an authentic PUBG 5M character costume that’s as real as it gets. In this PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide, we will focus on all the key components that make this character stand out. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Level Up Your Cosplay Game with the PUBG 5M Green Leather Varsity Jacket

The PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket is an emblem of your identity in the battle royale arena. It is crafted from vegan leather and wool. This black and green jacket is the cornerstone of your PUBG 5M ensemble.

Jacket Materials and Detailing

This jacket is a perfect blend of quality and aesthetics. The vegan leather and wool give it an authentic look and feel, while the black and green color scheme truly embodies the PUBG spirit.

Making the Jacket Your Own : PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide

You will want to make sure your jacket fits perfectly. Remember, a loose fit can spoil the overall impression. Ensure the full-length sleeves end just at your wrist and the rib-knit collar sits comfortably around your neck. The buttoned closure gives a neat front look, while the two flap waist pockets add to its functionality. Also, don’t forget the game logo detailing at the back and front. 

Complementing Your Jacket with the T-Shirt : PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide

Next up is the T-shirt. Now, the PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket has a commanding presence, but what goes underneath is equally important. Opt for a plain white or black tee that complements the jacket without stealing its thunder. 

Securing the Battle Belt

In PUBG, the belt is where you secure your grenades, ammo, and other essential supplies. In your costume, the belt is more than just an accessory. It is a nod to the in-game strategy and preparation that goes into each match. So, go for a sturdy, military-style belt.

Military Style for the Win

Here is a fun idea, why not attach small, lightweight replicas of in-game items to your belt? Think flashbangs, energy drinks, or a miniature frying pan. This small touch can make your costume stand out and spark conversations with fellow PUBG fans.

Step into the Battle with Cargo Pants

Completing the costume, we have the cargo pants. Choose a rugged, earthy-toned pair of cargo pants that matches the game’s realistic military aesthetic. Your cargo pants could also feature patches. The more subtle details you can incorporate, the more immersive your costume becomes.

Finish the Look with Sunglasses : PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide

Finally, we come to the sunglasses. Now, PUBG is known for its variable weather conditions. From blinding sunlight to foggy afternoons, your in-game character must be prepared. In your costume, a pair of dark, sleek sunglasses will be the perfect finishing touch. Just like how the game’s outcome is never clear until the final moment, the sunglasses keep your eyes hidden, your strategies a mystery, until the Chicken Dinner is served.

Assembling Your PUBG Costume Look

Now that we have discussed each component in our PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide, let’s walk through how you can assemble this look to transform yourself into your favorite character.

1. Start with the Base

The first layer of your costume should be the T-Shirt. It will provide you with maximum comfort as you navigate through your gaming convention or costume party. Choose a neutral color that doesn’t clash with the green and black of the varsity jacket.

2. Next Up, the : PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide

Your next layer is the PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket. After you have donned the t-shirt, it is time to put on this iconic jacket. Make sure the fit is right. The rib-knit collar should wrap snugly around your neck, and the buttons should close comfortably without pulling.

3. Time to Buckle Up

After the jacket, fasten the Belt around your waist. This accessory gives your character a battle-ready look and feel that is so integral to the game. Be sure to adjust the belt so it sits comfortably without hindering your movements.

4. The Bottom Half

Now, it is time to slip into your Cargo Pants. Remember, your goal is to look tactical and prepared, just like your character in PUBG. Make sure your pants are a comfortable fit and don’t restrict your movement. 

5. The Final Touch : PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide

The final touch to your PUBG 5M costume is the Sunglasses. Besides adding a touch of coolness to your ensemble, sunglasses are functional and will provide your eyes with protection.

Accessories and Additional Considerations : PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide

1. Footwear

Though we have covered the main products in our PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide, your PUBG 5M outfit wouldn’t be complete without the right footwear. Choose a pair of rugged, lace-up boots. Look for something that’s got a military or tactical feel to it, which will align perfectly with the rest of your outfit.

How to Wear Them

Make sure your cargo pants are tucked into the boots or rest just above them. This creates a streamlined and authentic military look.

2. Hairstyle

Your hairstyle can further contribute to the PUBG 5M persona.

Consider Your Character : PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide

Think about the character’s in-game look and see if you can emulate that, whether it’s a slicked-back style or a more rugged and messy look.

3. Adding the Final Touch With Props

If you are going for complete authenticity, consider adding a few props like toy weapons or a backpack to mimic the character’s in-game equipment. 

Care and Maintenance of Your : PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide

Cleaning and Storage Of Your Jacket

The jacket’s wool and vegan leather material will require special care. Follow the cleaning instructions on the label, and store it in a cool, dry place. Use padded hangers to maintain their shape.

T-Shirt Care With Simple Wash

The T-Shirt is easy to care for. Wash it according to the instructions, and iron it at a low temperature if necessary.

Handling with Care The Cargo Pants

Make sure to read the labels for cleaning instructions on both cargo pants. As it may have special coatings or materials, proper care ensures their longevity.

Keep Your Sunglasses Scratch-Free

Always store your sunglasses in a case when not in use. This keeps them free of scratches and ensures they stay looking their best.


There you have it. Your complete PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket costume guide. Remember, this costume is more than just a replica of a game character. So wear it with pride, and remember to have fun, because that’s what gaming is all about. Now, step out and get ready to turn heads.

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