Netgear Extender IP Address Not Working? Here’s What To Do!

Netgear Extender IP Address Not Working? Here’s What To Do!

Every Netgear range extender can be managed using a web address or an IP address. When the refused to connect error shows up on the computer screen during the extender management process, users tend to use the default IP address. But, what if the default IP address also fails to work? Well, that can block all your paths to change the WiFi settings as well as the admin settings of the range extender. In this article, we will try to sum up a few hacks that can help you fix the non-working status of your Netgear extender IP address.

Major Reason: Netgear Extender IP Address Not Working

Since you’ve connected your Netgear range extender to the router using an Ethernet cable, then there is a 99% chance that the latter has assigned a new IP address to the range extender. This is due to which the default IP address of your extender is not working.

In this case, we suggest you log in to your main router and access the settings menu. After that, see the list of the devices connected to it. From there, look for the IP address assigned to your range extender and type it into the address bar of the browser. In case you’re still struggling to reach the admin portal of your range extender, trying hands on the following techniques is suggested.

Solutions: Netgear Extender IP Address Not Working

1. Use the Address Bar Only

Apart from the incorrect IP address, the use of the wrong field for accessing the IP address is a prominent reason causing the issue. Perhaps, you are using the search bar of the web browser to access the extender’s IP address. Know that accessing the IP through the search bar of the browser is an impossible task. Instead, doing so will take you to multiple pages but not to the one that you want to access. Therefore, rectify your mistake and use the address field of the web browser for the IP address entrée. The same rule applies to the web URL.

2. Connect to the Extender’s Network

The IP address of your extender might also fail to work if you are not connected to Netgear_ext. It has been found that some users connect to some anonymous network and try to access the settings of their range extender which is wrong. For your information, accessing the IP address of the range extender is only possible if you are connected to the WiFi network of the extender. Thus, locate the same on your computer’s network list and connect to it. You are also free to cable your computer with the range extender.

3. Restart the Range Extender

You cannot ignore network glitches when it comes to creating problems while accessing the extender’s IP address. Although these glitches occur due to unknown reasons, still they can be fixed with the simplest hack. All the user is supposed to do is restart the range extender. Therefore, power down your extender and keep it idle for 15-20 minutes. Thereafter, connect it back to the power outlet and switch it on. Just in case the problem still does not resolve, you need to restart your WiFi router and modem too.

4. Check the Cable Connections

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, the absence of a stable internet connection can also be the reason why the Netgear extender IP address is not working. Thus, you are required to look at the LAN cable connected to your extender and the router. In case you see any cuts on the cable, consider replacing it with a new one. Plus, make sure that you have created a finger-tight connection. Also, make sure that the cable is connected to the right ports of your networking gadgets.

Although the aforementioned solutions will suffice to fix the issue related to your Netgear extender IP address, just in case they don’t, you are supposed to carry out the new extender setup process again.

Final Thoughts

Before you head over to set up the range extender again, you need to reset it to the default factory mode. Therefore, without any delay, find the Reset button on the router and press it carefully. Once the reset process is completed, the extender setup can be done again using the default IP or the manual method.

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