Minion Movies in Order (Release & Chronological)

minion movies in order

If you are here reading this blog to find out the best order in which you should watch the animated despicable me and minions movies of universal pictures then this is the perfect blog for you where you could get the details of this.  For anyone who is willing to catch up with the gru and his legion of clumsy yellow minion sidekicks then there are two means for you to binge watch the entire minion movies in order

Minion Movies in Order Review

Both critics as well as fans welcomed and liked the movie despicable with open arms which resulted in a huge collection of the movie of about $540 million all across the world. 

And after this success of the movie, came two direct sequels of the minion movies and also a mountain of short movies, some television specials as well as video games as well as even a theme park attraction at the multiple locations of Universal Studios. 

The innovative trio of the despicable me movies pursue the story of super villain who has turned father Felonious Gru and has three adoptd daughters which are named as Margo, Edith, Agnes and he also has a wife whose name is Lucy Wilde. 

The odd yellow minions of the franchise are mostly presented as the slapstick of the Gru backup in the various plans all through the despicable movie and the popularity of the little creatures which are cylindrical receive the prequel in year 2015. 

Minions were the very first entry to the series which can generate the global office of more than $1 billion and the Minions: The Rise of Gru which is also the highest-grossing in the franchise of Despicable me. 

It is also opened up into two ways so that the movies can be watched in order and also in chronological order. 

Release order of despicable me and minions movies for the users – 

There is no specific order of the despicable me movie which has been released in some specific and perfectly straight order line but it is not very clear-cut. 

The first movie which was animated was released in the year 2010 and there was a massive rush in the minions characters which lead to the prequels of the minions which can between the second as well as the third movies which are in the core of the triology. 

Minions: The rise of Gru was followed as a sequel to the movies of the minions but it still took the place above the events of the attempts of Gru moon heist in the despicable me. 

Illumination has already given a confirmation that the despicable me 4 will also arrive in theatres in July 2024 and people will be able to watch it then. 

The viewing order of despicable me movie as per the release date has been mentioned below for you – 

Name of the movie Release year of the movie 
No. 1 Despicable Me 2010
No. 2 Despicable Me 22013
No. 3 Minions 2015
No. 4 Despicable me 3 2017
No. 5 Minions: The rise of Gru 2022
No. 6 Despicable me 42024

Chronological order of the despicable me and minions movies for the people – 

The unpredictable and wild minions are all dedicated henchmen at this core and the central plot of the minions takes place in year 1968 when Kevin, Stuart as well as Bob attempt to find a super villain whom they can serve and although there are no scenes in the early in the movie which date back billion of years as the minions are as old as the earth is. 

A youthful gru assemble the minions at the very last part of the first prequel while the minions: The rise of gru picks up the old gru who is serving 12 years of his great villainy and for some 40 years which are aforementioned to the first movie. 

The viewing order of the despicable me in a chronological order is – 

1968 – Minions in year 2015 

1972 – Minions: The rise of Gru in year 2022 

2012 – Despicable me in year 2010 

2013 – Despicable me 2 in year 2013 

2014 – Despicable me 3 in year 2017 

We hope that the minion movies in order which have been mentioned to you in this blog has been of help for you and you were able to learn all about it. 

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