Ludo Game: The Stroke of Luck or the Importance of Skill?

Ludo Game: The Stroke of Luck or the Importance of Skill?

The Ludo game is famous and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The modern era brought a revolution in the form of virtual games on gaming apps. It has allowed ardent players the scope to enjoy games on their mobile devices. 

Ludo game download is easy, and people can do so from trending gaming sites such as PlayerzPot. However, the ludo game which used to be a game of fun and frolic, has recently become entangled in controversy. It has already reached the Bombay High Court and is pending a hearing.

The Gamers View on Ludo

As enthusiastic Ludo lovers, it is impossible to separate skill and luck from this all-time favorite game. This skill vs. chance aspect has boggled gamers and non-gamers. It has already launched a meme fest on the internet where people are hilariously looking at the addition of such a case on the already overburdened courts of India. Let us understand how gamers utilize skill and chance in the ancient yet thrilling game of Ludo.

The Controversy of Chance Versus Skill

Ludo is an indoor game. However, online Ludo has become a hot favorite among the young generation in the current scenario. With the Ludo game download, you can play with anyone from anywhere. However, challenging the charisma associated with the Ludo game, a petitioner has questioned the lack of skill in this game. It might seem like a stray thought for gamers and non-gamers, but the petitioner’s logic was based on the money-making aspect of Ludo. 

Since money-making from a game is a form of gambling, this became an issue. However, skill-based games that provide victors cash prizes are acceptable and not banned by the Public Gambling Act of 1867, per the Supreme Court verdict. But when there is no skill involved, and it is all about taking a chance with the roll of the dice, then gambling becomes quite prominent. 

Initially, the petitioner was turned down. So, he made his way to the Bombay High Court. We still don’t know online gaming applications’ decisions regarding monetizing the Ludo game. It is a matter under legal review now, and no blanket bans have been imposed yet on online Ludo.

The Stroke of Luck in Ludo

Luck decides what numbers you will get with each roll of your dice. More sixes make it easier for your tokens to start your journey on the board. Long leaps on the board are possible when your numbers are high on the dice, but here others are also playing, and if they get similar numbers and can send your tokens to the play yard by eating those, then sadly, luck is not on your side.

The Importance of Skill in Ludo

Dice rolls can help you start the game, but if you don’t place your tokens where they are safe, you will lose to others. When you get a good roll on the dice, you must strategize which piece you should move. The quicker you complete your ride on the board and reach the home triangle, the easier it will be for you to win the game.


In conclusion, we don’t know the result of a legal case, but we can assure you that playing the Ludo game is a thrilling experience. Indeed, you require luck while rolling the dice and your skill for maneuvering your tokens. There are no hindrances to enjoying this game on PlayerzPot. But responsibly playing is vital while using your capital in a game. Hence, don’t shy away from enjoying online games, but at the same time, be responsible while doing so.

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