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Learn the Data Scientist Salary Data Scientist Salary

Checking the salary figures is crucial before you apply for any job, and Data Science is no exception. If you are preparing to become a Data Science professional, you will get several opportunities to advance your career since it is one of the most sought-after jobs in this 21st century.

The primary role of a Data Scientist is to analyze vast raw data to offer meaningful business insights, which is indeed a huge responsibility. As per the 365 Data Science report, the opportunities for Data Scientist jobs will grow by 36% from 2021 to 2031.

So, the salary of Data Scientists is higher due to their high demand in organizations. With so much at stake, it is natural to be curious about their salary. In this article, we will talk about the difference between junior and senior Data Scientist salary in detail.

Junior Vs. Senior Data Scientists- Roles and Responsibilities

A Data Scientist is a professional individual who uses business raw data to help organizations make data-driven decisions. These experts develop design algorithms and model predictions to retrieve massive data for analysis.

Data Science experts generally have mathematical skills, analytical ability, and technical expertise. So, whether you are a senior or junior Data Scientist, the roles and responsibilities are huge. However, if you wish to start your Data Science career or want to become a senior Data Scientist, you must be well aware of your responsibilities.

Primary Duties of a Junior Data Science Professional

Here are a few responsibilities of the junior Data Scientists-

  • The significant role of the junior Data Scientist is to extract valuable data from different external sources.
  • The junior Data Scientists also clean and load data to a decentralized location.
  • They must acquire database knowledge and expertise, as junior Data Science experts also analyze huge data sets to identify missing values and errors.
  • Another major role of junior Data Science professionals is selecting the correct platform to extract informative and valuable insights from vast business data.
  • When there is an ongoing project, the juniors must submit the final results to their seniors to understand whether it requires any changes or adjustments.

Significant Roles of Senior Data Scientists

Now, let’s delve deeper to know the primary roles and responsibilities of a senior Data Scientist.

  • When you become a senior Data Scientist, your responsibilities get bigger since you have to train your juniors with proper guidance. So, the senior Data Scientists have to check the work of junior ones and submit their valuable feedback.
  • Senior Data Scientists are already familiar with Data Science skills, so they have to manage all the technical and analytical work. They need to ensure that all the projects are submitted on time.
  • The seniors in an organization are responsible for making a clear agenda with an analytical strategy. They must check that all systems work perfectly to deliver accurate data-driven results.
  • The senior Data Scientists must have exceptional communication and leadership skills to make everyone understand the complicated technical information. They must share actionable insights with clients, business owners, and stakeholders.

The Salary Difference between Senior and Junior Data Scientists

The Data Science salary depends on the senior and junior levels. So, with experience, you can earn more in your Data Science career. Also, the salary ranges depend on other factors as well, like skills, organizations, expertise, specialization, etc. For example, if you do a Data Science course that is available online to hone your existing skills, your earning potential may increase.

However, here we will discuss the salaries of both junior and senior Data Scientists. So, without further ado, let’s directly jump into the section.

  • Junior Data Scientists’ Salary

The salary of a junior Data Scientist is insane due to the increase in Data Science jobs. So, a junior Data Science professional can expect a salary of $10,000 every month. The annual salary range is from $61,000 to $121,000, depending on several factors.

Though, it is not a fixed salary range since it changes depending on how much they work, their organizations, skills, etc.

  • Senior Data Scientists’ Salary

The senior Data Scientist salary is higher than the junior’s because of their responsibilities. As their work directly impacts the employee productivity and financial success of the organizations, they get handsome remuneration.

The average monthly salary of a senior Data Scientist is $13,500. So, the senior Data Science experts can expect an annual salary of between $83,000 and $162 000. Remember, you need to work hard to earn a high salary and acquire skills through deep learning.


The demand for Data Scientists is constantly increasing since data plays a pivotal role in sustaining business growth. So, it is a lucrative career option with high earnings. You can get the right Data Science certifications to upgrade skills, gain knowledge and earn higher remunerations. It is because organizations value experience and expertise and offer much higher payouts.

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