8 Most Frustrating Quests In The Final Fantasy Series


There are many quests in the Final Fantasy series, and not all of them are fun to do.

Final Fantasy is a long-running JRPG series that has kept players interested for decades with its amazing world-building, memorable characters, and interesting stories. The mainline games in the series all have a lot of great material, so players spend hours and hours in each one to find out everything it has to offer.

Final Fantasy games have a main plot, but they also have a lot of side content like minigames, hidden quests, and unique optional areas that give players a lot of time to explore and go on adventures. Some of the side material, on the other hand, can be very frustrating, with hard challenges and hidden requirements that make it hard to finish.

Netting A Time Of 0 Seconds In The Chocobo Race – Final Fantasy 10


Final Fantasy 10 is known for having some of the most boring side material that players have to go through to get each character’s ultimate weapon. Some tasks aren’t that hard, but others will make players want to pull out their hair.

In the Chocobo Race in the game, players need to get a time of 0 seconds by catching as many balloons as they can while running. Even though it’s possible, it’s a real pain, and most players would end up hating this cute bird after spending hours on this terrible minigame.

Getting Steiner’s Best Weapon, The Excalibur II – Final Fantasy 9

8 Most Frustrating Quests In The Final Fantasy Series

Many people think that Final Fantasy 9 is one of the best games in the whole series. The game has a lot of great secrets, but the speedrun that players had to do to get Steiner’s ultimate weapon was the one that stumped them the most.

The last pit has to be reached in 12 hours, which is nearly impossible without a guide. Even if players try to complete this task, they will miss out on a lot of cool stuff along the way.

Beating All the Best Triple Triad Players – Final Fantasy 8

8 Most Frustrating Quests In The Final Fantasy Series

In Final Fantasy 8, Triple Triad is a great card game that many people love to play. The music is a hit, and the minigame is hard but not too hard, making it the perfect way to pass the time.

Still, the quest for this card game might be too much for players who just want to dabble in Triple Triad instead of getting really into it. The matches against more experienced Triple Triad players are very hard, and it should take a few tries before a player can finally taste success.

Competing In The The Wall Market Gym – Final Fantasy 7

8 Most Frustrating Quests In The Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy 7 is a game that has a lot of fun little games inside it. This includes the squatting task that players have to do to get a part of Cloud’s drag outfit so he can get into Don Corneo’s house.

This minigame is already pretty hard, and if you want the best wig, you have to try the hardest task. It’s not a relaxed thing to do, and most people would hate having to remember a combination that they have to enter over and over again with great care.

Getting All Of Mog’s Dances – Final Fantasy 6

8 Most Frustrating Quests In The Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy 6 has a big group of characters, and it’s the only game where a moogle can join the party. Mog is a figure with a lot of different sides. His dances are both fun to watch and dangerous.

Players have to fight Mog in different places to help him learn all of his skills. This can be quite annoying, especially since one of his dances can never be seen again if players don’t go to Lethe River or Serpent Trench in the World of Balance.

Dodging 200 Lightning Bolts – Final Fantasy 10

8 Most Frustrating Quests In The Final Fantasy Series

In Final Fantasy 10, this is by far the worst of the tasks that players need to complete to get each character’s ultimate weapon. At first, the Thunder Plains will be a bit of a pain for players, but then they’ll see what a task it is.

For Lulu’s ultimate weapon, the Venus Crest, players have to avoid 200 lightning hits in a row without stopping. It’s hard, and the fact that players have to count the number of dodges in their heads before moving to a new area and getting their hard-earned reward makes it even harder.

Playing Chocobo Hot And Cold – Final Fantasy 9

8 Most Frustrating Quests In The Final Fantasy Series

Chocobo Hot and Cold is a long side quest in Final Fantasy 9 that can be very frustrating to do. Players have to take control of Choco and tell him to dig for wealth in different parts of Snow Rider 3D, where they will find Chocographs.

These Chocographs point players to a place on the world map where they can find wealth and move the quest forward. Most people would rather not do it at all because it’s boring, which is a shame because they miss out on a lot of good stuff because of it.

Pretty Much Every Fetch Quest – Final Fantasy 15

8 Most Frustrating Quests In The Final Fantasy Series

Even though there are a lot of side quests in Final Fantasy 15, most of them are just boring fetch tasks that are hard to do. The job is dull, and it’s clear that it was only added to the game to make it last longer.

It doesn’t help that the few selected side quests in the game were either made to be shown as a preview or have a brand tie-in, which is just shameless. Final Fantasy 15 has some people who don’t like it, and one of the main reasons is that there aren’t enough good side quests.

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