Don’t Starve Together: 15 Beginner’s Tips And Tricks


Don’t Starve Together has been out for a while, but here are some things that we wish we had known before we started playing.

Don’t Starve Together seems to say what it’s about in its name, but if you think food is the only thing to worry about, you’re truly wrong. You’ll need food, but darkness and monsters can kill you just as quickly, if not more so, than running out of food.

And in a game where you have to do so much just to stay alive, it can be scary to jump right in. So, we’ve put together our tips for new players into a sort of “Don’t Starve Together” guide to help you not starve in DST.

Gather And Collect Constantly

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

The great thing about Don’t Starve Together is that it has things to do for people of all skill levels and experience levels. For example, there are always materials and things around your camp that you can gather and find.

Time is very important, and you should always use your time well. There is also something worth doing whether you are cutting down a tree, putting pine cones, or getting wood for the campfire.

You Don’t Share Maps

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

In a multiplayer game like Don’t Starve Together, it’s important to talk to your friends if you want to stay alive. However, you don’t all share the same map; each one is based on what you’ve seen so far.

This means that each of you will have to go out if you want a full map. This is a dangerous idea, but having at least some shared places unlocked will make it easier to talk to each other and find your way around.

Read Before Choosing A Character

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

Like other games like it, the characters you can choose from in Don’t Starve Together all have their own strengths and flaws. All of these will come into play as you play, so you’ll need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each one before deciding.

For example, Wigfrid is the best at fighting, but she can only eat meat. Warly has his own cooker, but he gets hungry much more quickly than most people.

Coordinate Characters With Your Team

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

In Don’t Starve Together, since each character has their own strengths, you’ll need to spread out your skills and assign roles if you want to stay alive. Not everyone can be the attacker, after all, if you all want to stay alive.

Talk about who will be who before you start the game. There’s no shame in switching roles, but in the long run, knowing what each character does and how each person on your team likes to play will make life much easier.

Don’t Make Camp Too Fast

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

It can be exciting to want to find a place to live. Don’t Starve Together as soon as possible, but don’t just pick any place to live. Instead, do some research to make sure it’s a good place to settle down.

You’ll need access to resources, paths, different biomes, and other things if you want to live somewhere, so make sure you want to do that before you do it. There’s nothing stopping you from moving later, but it’s a big hassle, and if you’re hungry, you won’t be thinking about prime real estate in a game where life gets harder the longer you play.

Beefalo Are Your Friends (Except For When They’re Not)

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

Most things in the world want to kill you, so you might be surprised to learn that Beefalo, the big woolly friends, can help you a lot. If you get along with them, they will attack coming mobs and always leave piles of Dung for you to use when you get back home.

Just make sure it’s not the mating season. If your Beefalo friends have red butts, don’t bother them. During mating season, they will attack you if you come near them. Also, don’t attack them, because if you attack one Beefalo, the rest of the group will turn against you.

Make A Backpack Or Find Chester To Expand Your Inventory

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

We promise that it won’t be long before you have to decide what you need and what you don’t need to fit in your very small stock. But when you’re out exploring the world, there are a few things you can do to carry more.

Backpacks are easy to make, and you can carry them on your back while you run around the world. Chester, on the other hand, is a living wealth chest. To get him to follow you, you’ll need to find an Eye Bone and carry it with you at all times.

Fire Spreads Fast, And It’s Hard To Stop

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

In Don’t Starve Together, it’s surprising how easy it is to start a fire. Fires give you light, warmth, and even charcoal when they’re done. Just remember that fire spreads quickly if you don’t put it in the right place, and it can jump from flammable item to flammable item to do even more damage.

Fire can kill your player, and unlike other deaths in Basket Random, it will also burn up anything you were holding. It also burns the resources it uses up, so we hope you can keep your fires going.

Make A Crock Pot ASAP

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

As the name of the game suggests, food is a big problem in Don’t Starve Together, but you can find food, start farms, and even make bigger meals if you have a Crock Pot.

Not only do meals cooked in a Crock Pot satisfy your hunger better, but they can also help your health and sanity, and they may even help you deal with extreme heat or cold.

If Your Group Is Large, Leave Someone Behind To Keep House

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

If you’re playing with only two people, you might not be able to spare the muscle, but if you’re in a big enough group, it can only help to leave someone behind at camp to cook and build a homestead.

Once you have crops growing, food in Crock Pots, walls to build, tools to make, and monsters to fight, you’ll need someone at your base to keep track of everything while the rest of the group is out exploring and fighting, or your base could fall apart when you need it most.

Don’t Eat Monster Meat Unless You’re Really, Really Desperate

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

Even though Monster Meat can be used for many things in Don’t Starve Together, it’s not a good idea to eat it. If you’re playing as a person, it will help a little with your hunger, but it will hurt your health and make you less sane.

But if you put Monster Meat and an egg in a slow cooker, you can make meatballs that everyone can eat. Adding some Morsels will turn it into Bacon and Eggs. Monster Meat tastes fine when cooked this way, but you shouldn’t eat it unless you’re really hungry.

Jerky Is An Easy Staple

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

In Don’t Starve Together, there is an Ice Box that really steps up your food game, but it will take you a while to find the ingredients to make one because they need Gears, which are very rare and can’t be made again.

So long as you don’t have a better way to store your food, you can use Drying Racks to dry out meat into jerky, which lasts longer than fresh-cooked meals and fruit.

Keep A Good Supply Of Meat

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

Since crops go bad more quickly and meat-based foods are easier to turn into long-lasting foods, you’ll need a fairly constant source of Meat until you can start storing your food better so you can take advantage of our advice to live off Jerky.

Rabbits are one of the best ways to get meat in Don’t Starve Together because you can catch them yourself if you can make Traps to put over their Rabbit Hole. They don’t give you the most meat in the game, but they are easy to get and grow all year round.

Winter Will Be Here Faster Than You Think

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

When you begin, If you don’t change your choices, you’ll start Don’t Starve Together in the spring, which makes winter seem pretty far away. But don’t get too relaxed, because it will be here much sooner than you think.

Winter is hard to play through because you can freeze if you’re too far from a warm place, farms can’t grow crops, and things that grow on their own take a long time to come back. Prepare as best you can for the worst.

Endless Mode: Play Forever

Don't Starve Together: 15 Beginner's Tips And Tricks

In a fun game like Don’t Starve Together, it can be very frustrating to feel like you’re doing well, only to be killed by an unexpected mob or Winter’s hard weather when you thought you were doing well. Endless Mode, here we come.

In the normal game, there are a few ways to restart, but in Endless Mode, you can respawn whenever and wherever you want to keep playing the same save. You’ll lose some of your maximum strength and have to go look for your dropped items, but that’s a small price to pay for living forever.

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