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If you get tired of Stardew Valley, try these cozy farming games like Littlewood and Lemon Cake.

Stardew Valley is thought to be one of the best farming games on the market by most people. Stardew Valley’s cute pixel art, likeable characters, and cozy atmosphere make it easy for players to come back to it again and again, especially when they want to rest.

If you finish the game, start a family, make friends with everyone in the town, and make a lot of money every day, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Even though adding mods can make Stardew Valley feel fresh again, there are many other great farming games to try.

Roots Of Pacha


Roots of Pacha is a new co-op farming simulation game set in the Stone Age. You can change how your character looks and interacts with other people, and the pixel art images remind me of Stardew Valley. Players can turn an empty space into a thriving farm community for their clan by connecting with nature, making artisanal goods, growing food from seeds found on the fertile land, and using a sharp stone.

Roots of Pacha takes the best parts of a normal farming simulator and combines them into one game. The player only needs to keep track of one tool, crops can’t be destroyed too early, and the player can ride a horse to get around the land.


10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

Dinkum is a life simulation game set in the Australian bush. It is often called “Australian Animal Crossing.” As a twist on the classic farming simulation, players can take care of giant wombats and discover unique environments like tropical eucalyptus forests and billabongs.

Even though farming is the main focus of Dinkum, players can use the resources they get from mining, foraging, and fishing to build a town from the ground up. This will finally bring people to the player’s island, and some of them may decide to stay. This lets the player build their own community.

Slime Rancher

10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

Even though Slime Rancher is not a normal farming game, it is a fun simulation where you take care of slimes, breed chickens, and grow fruits and vegetables. Exploration is a big part of the game because different places have slimes that can be brought back to the farm.

Slime Rancher is similar to Stardew Valley in some ways, so it will feel like home. Residents in the area give players a series of mini-quests to do. Players can also forage for wild fruits and veggies and sell animal products as slime plorts.

Sun Haven

10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is turned into a fantasy RPG in Sun Haven. The player goes on a quest to save the town of Sun Haven from dark magic. Due to the use of RPG-style quest lines, the story is much more straight than in most other farming games.

With a set of worn-out tools, the player can grow crops, raise animals, make things, mine, fight bosses, fish, cook, fall in love, and go on adventures. There are also things in the game that make life easier for the player, like being able to set how long a day is and having a bigger map.

Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town

10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

Since Stardew Valley was inspired by the Harvest Moon series, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a great choice for players who want to change up their favorite farming simulator without going too far from it. Players can grow crops, make friends with their neighbors, and fall in love after coming to Mineral Town to take care of their late grandfather’s farm.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town and Stardew Valley have a lot in common. What makes them different is the feeling of playing a game from your childhood again. Story of Seasons is great for people who want a relaxing game that doesn’t have a lot of new mechanics because many of the game’s parts are simpler than in more current games.


10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

Littlewood takes place after the world has been saved, and players have to start from scratch to build a town. Players have a lot more freedom than in other games of this type because they can change the terrain and build whatever buildings they want.

Littlewood is a resource management game that has been called “Penalty Kick Online light.” It leans strongly toward the relaxing side of cozy gaming with its blocky pixel graphics, simple controls, and friends to meet along the way. There is a list of things to do, such as hunting, fishing, farming, cooking, and gathering.

My Time At Portia

10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

My Time At Portia is a simulation RPG game that takes place in the post-apocalyptic town of Portia. Players have to fix up their Pa’s old workshop by doing jobs for people in the town, growing food, taking care of animals, and making friends with the strange people who live there. The goal is to make the workshop you start with the best in town by digging, gathering, and making things.

Like Stardew Valley, My Time At Portia has a four-season calendar, marks the townspeople’s birthdays, and has regular in-game festivals like Day of the Bright Sun, Day of Memories, and Winter Solstice.

Lemon Cake

10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

Lemon Cake is a cute farming simulation game where players can run their own bakery, stocking it with farm-fresh food grown in their own garden and selling baked goods, sweets, and coffee to customers.

Every morning, there is time to set up the bakery before people come in. Players can get a head start on the lunch rush by setting the menu, watering plants, taking care of animals, and decorating the bakery well. Even so, as orders come in, there are some parts of the game that can be more stressful and make Lemon Cake less relaxed than most farming games.


10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

Harvestella is a story-driven mix of JRPG and farming sim features. As soon as a player wakes up in Quietus, the season of death, they have to rely on themselves to stay alive. Grow fruits, veggies, and crops and cook with what you grow. Take care of animals and fight off threats.

Harvestella is better for people who like stories than for people who want to travel and farm on their own time. It has a lot of cut scenes and focuses on the story.

Coral Island

10 Cozy Farming Games To Play After Stardew Valley

After leaving the big city for Coral Island, players can build their dream farm and spend their time exploring by diving in coral reefs, mining, and fishing to make their days however they want.

There are over 70 people to meet and make friends with, so connections are a big part of the game. Coral Island is just as much about making friends as it is about farming. There are 25 unique, dateable people in the town, and the players can talk to and give gifts to the locals.

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