Best Ways to Build Quality SEO Links for Your Website


To have a good web positioning it is important to take into account some factors such as content, loading speed, and SEO links, also called link building.

These links are responsible for positioning your website within the best results of the Google search engine.

Why is it important to have quality SEO links?

Many websites can link to your page for two reasons: giving you credit or positive comments or lowering your SEO position.

Therefore, an SEO expert makes sure that the backlists manage to transmit trust to the users who visit the business web and thus notice that your content is relevant. 

Internal links are also essential to position your website, improve the user experience, and are taken into account by the main search engines such as Google.

So by having SEO links, we can have many advantages over our virtual competition.

How should good SEO links be?

Having a base will be the key to having good results. The same goes for our SEO links.

If we want to be successful, it is important to take into account some characteristics to improve your SEO strategy and thus avoid a penalty from Google.

Dofollow links

Some webmasters consider that nofollow links provide great naturalness. However, the ones that provide the best results are dofollow links, which allow Google to index and thus better track your web page. 

Links must come from a website with a good domain

In this case, it is convenient to prioritize quality over the number of links on a website.

Therefore, when carrying out link building, it is important to recognize that the website has a good domain and good web traffic. You can see the status of the pages with SEO tools.

The content of the links should be very similar to your page

The content of the links should be similar to the theme of your web page. You must take this detail into account since Google will realize if these are good or subtract points from your positioning.

Ho to get quality SEO links?

Now, we must know how to get quality SEO links to have more advantages over other websites. Therefore, we recommend ways to create them to achieve optimal results.

Create quality content

In other articles, we have explained that quality content must be created to improve the quality of our websites. In addition, it improves our link-building strategy and increases credibility with our users.

Then, once you have interesting texts and they fulfill the promise of the headline, other websites will be able to link to your website naturally.

Guest posting

The guest post is a new technique that allows other authors to write on a blog similar to yours. This is a fundamental strategy since it creates SEO links between your website and your guest’s website.

Also, they can exchange items when necessary. Before starting the exchange, you must agree on what type of content will be offered.

Exchange links for SEO strategy

This is a fast and effective way to create SEO links, however, you must be very careful and not always repeat them on the same pages, as it could cause a sanction or penalty from Google.

Analyze competitors links

Perhaps you are wondering why you should do this, but analyzing the pages that link to your competition allows you to know their link-building and try to get them to link to your website.

Analyze each nofollow link

As we explained to you in this article, nofollow links are not good if we want to generate quality SEO links. Therefore, it is important to analyze and study each link to contact the page that alters your web positioning and eliminate it from your link-building strategy.

If you want to improve the SEO links of your digital strategy, you will need a professional SEO agency such as Digital Specialist. We have the experts to create perfect strategies for your SEO positioning. 

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