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On such a small screen, there’s a lot to find.

Android games with hidden objects are a great way to test how well you can solve problems. Even though they might seem easy at first, the puzzles and story twists make you think more and get smarter. And doing this on the go can turn a dull day into one that is quite interesting.

There are, of course, a lot to choose from, but let’s be honest: some are better than others. Modern hidden object games have great sounds and graphics that make them appealing to both young and old players. Here are the best Android games with secret objects that you can play.

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

June’s Journey is an action game made by Wooga that takes place in the early 1930s. As June, you’ll work your way through the game to figure out who killed someone in her family. Getting from one level to the next is easy if you have a list of all the things you need to find.

Don’t forget that the more random things you gather, the more money you get. But you don’t have to do it. You can also choose to make your classic house look the way you want. If you’ve never played a hidden object game before, this is a great place to start.

Hidden Through Time

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

Hidden Through Time is a game that is both relaxing and hard. You have to find hidden things in different places. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the people, animals, or things you need to find. The more you find, the more levels you move up to. The game has no story, which is interesting, but the development is good.

The game is based on famous times in history, like Ancient Egypt, as the name suggests. At each time, you can find different things and people. Time moves quickly, so this can get busy quickly. With each level, the nice graphics change, so the game doesn’t feel like it’s always the same.

Murder In The Alps

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

This adventure game keeps you on your toes with plot turns that you didn’t see coming. From strange characters to hints that are hard to find, the game has everything that makes a mystery. It’s a novel game set in the 1930s that takes you through the Alps before you start your job as a reporter.

As Anna Myers, you have to figure out who killed the person in the Alps Hotel. And it doesn’t take long to figure out who among the ten characters killed the person. It’s fun to play, and you’ll be thinking about it even when you’re not playing.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

Manor was a pretty quiet place to live until Mister X went missing. The people who live there can’t figure out the puzzle, so you are their only hope. You play a detective in the game, and your job is to figure out who killed Mister X.

In each room of the house, there are new things to find and strange people to talk to. There are lots of clues in the game, but you have to think hard and deal with interesting crime scenes to find them. This game is worth the salt because it is fun to play and has great pictures.

Criminal Case

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

Criminal Case is a great mix of a detective game and a hidden object game. You’ll have to work your way through the many plot twists, hints, and characters until you find the killer. Having to deal with bad people is what makes Snake Game interesting.

As these people try to stop you from moving forward, the plot gets more complicated. There is a Multiplayer choice, so you can count on your friends. Criminal Case is without a doubt one of the best hidden object games that you can play for free.

Letters From Nowhere

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

This G5 Entertainment game is fun to play and has a music that is both relaxing and challenging. You take on the part of the savior as you stop evil secrets from destroying your town. You have to stop witches from taking over Hazewich.

You’ll look for secret things as you walk around a dark and quiet town. And nothing is easy to find; you have to look all over the map to find them.

Cube Escape: Paradox

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

As the famous detective Dale Vandermeer, you wake up in a strange room. You can’t remember what happened to get you here, which is sad. Your old enemy has set up a trap, and you have to get out of the room while you try to remember what happened.

Whether you choose the paid or free part, you can be sure that the story will keep you interested. There are a lot of puzzles that are hard to solve, and the scary music doesn’t help.

Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object Game

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

This Wooga game starts out as a simple and easy-to-understand game. But things don’t get complicated until you have to solve the strange suicide case. In Pearl, you’ll go on a trip around the world to try to figure out why your father killed himself.

In order to solve the problem, the game takes you to many places, like Africa. It is an amazing story full of excitement, love, and everything else. Lucky for us, the levels aren’t that hard.

Sherlock: Hidden Object Mystery

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

Do you like Sherlock Holmes? In this game, you can now play as him as a detective. You will play with Dr. Watson to fix famous book plots that magic has changed. The game has a good story that is easy to follow. You have to find lost items and solve puzzles.

The game’s theme is set in Victorian England, so the pictures, sounds, and music are all great and fit with the theme. Even though the game isn’t hard, the main menu gets crowded, making it hard to move around.

The Secret Society: Mystery

10 Best Hidden Object Games Available For Android Devices

The Secret Society: Mystery takes you to a town where people have magical abilities. You go between the magical world and the real world as you try to find out what happened to your uncle. You can use these supernatural abilities to find hints and solve puzzles in his empty mansion.

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