10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

Here are the best pieces of gear and extras for Street Fighter 6 Avatars.

Now that players can make their Avatars look cool by choosing their own clothes, Street Fighter 6’s World Tour and Battle Hub are full of interesting characters. But the big question is, which items can help make the best Avatar?

In a fighting game like this, a player’s character is what makes the other players afraid. Everyone wants their character to look as cool as the famous Street Fighter fighters. Don’t worry, because there are a lot of choices. These are the pieces of gear that every Street Fighter 6 player must have in order to get the most out of their Avatar.

Square Glasses


The Square Glasses are a rare thing that can be found in Bayside Park. They have a trait called “Aware,” which comes into play when the Drive Gauge is empty. This will give the player a short boost to damage.

Even though they don’t give the biggest score boosts, the glasses are a good early-game item. Players can turn them on or wear them to make up for the fact that they don’t get Drive back quickly before they level up.

Oversized Shirt B

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

The Oversized Shirt B is one of the best pieces of gear for newbies because it gives you an extra +30 defense. It’s an item that most enemies in downtown drop. But the outfit is a must-have in the early parts of the World Tour mode because it reduces damage.

Players can also fight low-level enemies to get the Casual Dress Shirt B. This will have the same result. But the relaxed version gives +27 defense, which is a little less than the oversized shirt.

Gold Chain Necklace

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

In chapter 5 of World Tour, players fight Retsu, an old monk who, when knocked out, drops a golden chain. The “Throws 1” trait on his Gold Chain Necklace improves the wearer’s grapple strength by +15.

Even though players will find better options later in Flappy Bird, the Gold Chain Necklace can help them beat high-level NPCs by gripping and making throw loops.

Thigh-High Socks (Bordered)

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

Even though Thigh-High Socks are often dropped by Merchants, they are rare items with a useful Trait. They have the Focus 1 effect, which makes the Drive Gauge fill up faster. This can help an Avatar use Special Moves more easily.

The only bad thing about this piece of clothing is that it doesn’t go with a lot of other things. But players can hide it on their Avatars and move its effect to other pieces of gear.

Combat Gloves

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

The Combat Gloves not only look cool, but they also have two useful Traits: High Voltage and Peak Performance. With the first one, all of a player’s strikes do more damage. With the second, they can fill up the Super Art bar more quickly.

These gloves are a great choice for side quests that require you to use Super Arts to beat an enemy. But players can use them to their advantage when fighting most bosses in the World Tour game.

Full Face Helmet

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

Even though the Full Face Helmet hides the Avatar’s face, it makes the player stronger and gives them more security. The helmet also has a trait called “Peak Performance,” which makes all attacks stronger when the Vitality meter is at +70%.

Pay 10,000 Zenny to Merchant Mello in the caves of Mount Vashal to get this piece of equipment. He lives in the town of Nayshall.

Officer’s Watch

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

The Officer’s Watch is a high-risk, high-reward Ultra-type equipment in Street Fighter 6. Depending on how they start the match, players who wear this watch can either get a buff or a debuff that lasts the whole game.

If a player is wearing the Officer’s Watch, they must land the first hit of the match for their moves to be stronger after that. But if the enemy gets there first and attacks, they will get the buff instead. It can be worth the risk for players who are quick on their feet.

Fighter’s Hoody

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

The Fighter’s Hoody is an Ultra Top that gives the person who wears it a huge boost to their defense. When a player wears this item, it gives them +104 block points. This means they take less damage and can block strong attacks better.

The Fighter’s Hoody has an extra trait called “Peak Performance,” which is a good thing. With this affect, when a player’s Vitality is at least 70%, they do more damage.

Pairing the Fighter’s Hoodie with the Ultra Fighter’s Sweatpants would give you an extra +106 defense.

Blanka-Chan Costume

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

Blanka-Chan’s outfit is one of the best pieces of gear in Street Fighter 6, even though it looks silly. The outfit makes punches, kicks, and unique attacks stronger, and it also makes the Avatar’s armor +110 stronger.

The Blanka-Chan Costume also has the High Voltage Trait, which makes the Super Art bar fill up faster for the person wearing it. After meeting Blanka, players can find the Blanka-Chan Costume in the Hard Reboot quest.

Initiate’s Chain

10 Best Gear and Accessories In Street Fighter 6

The Initiate’s Chain is the most powerful accessory in Street Fighter 6. It boosts the power of an Avatar’s punch, kick, throw, and unique move. With this piece of gear, players’ main hits and throws do up to 20 more damage.

To get the Initiate’s Chain, players must first unlock India in the World Tour mode and then pay 4,200 Zenny to Merchant Hawker at Dhalsimer Temple.

Street Fighter 6 is now out for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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