8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games


These power-ups take being silly to a whole new level and break every rule of being silly.

Video games have a special way of keeping us interested with their engaging worlds, exciting gameplay, and, of course, power-ups that make us feel like we can do anything. Power-ups have become an important part of game culture. They can improve our skills or give us new ones.

But sometimes, coders like to take a risk and add power-ups that are just plain stupid. These silly features remind us that absurdity and fun often go hand in hand in the world of games. Let’s look at some of the most stupid power-ups in video games that have made people scratch their heads.

Cat Power-Up – Super Mario 3D World

8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games

In a world where plumbers can fight turtles that breathe fire, Super Mario 3D World‘s Cat Power-Up makes things even more silly. Mario and his friends can change into cute cats with bright fur and the ability to climb walls.

If you watch Mario run on all fours, you might think he should try out for the 100-meter dash at the next Olympic Games. Who knew that a brave plumber could also be a quick, four-legged competitor on the side? Mario has never been cuter or quicker than he is now.

Smoking – Metal Gear Solid

8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games

Metal Gear Solid‘s ability to smoke is one of the most unusual ways to get a power-up. Yes, you are correct. When the characters light up a cigarette, their aim gets better and they can even see infrared devices. You can even use it to treat yourself in Metal Gear Solid 3, since nothing says “self-care” like a lungful of smoke, right?

Forget about getting in shape; it seems that smoking is the key to becoming a sneaky, good shot. Just remember, kids, that this power-up doesn’t exist. Don’t try it at home.

Weird Mushroom – Super Mario Maker

8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games

Things are about to get weird, so hold on to your mustaches! The Weird Mushroom is a strange addition to the Mushroom Kingdom. It is an interesting power-up in Super Mario Maker. When Mario eats this strange mushroom, his look changes in a clear way. He gets bigger and thinner, which is different from his famously round figure. This gives him abilities that are usually linked with Luigi, like being able to jump higher.

But this new mobility comes with a price. Mario loses his grip on the ground, which makes him slide and skid with less control. It’s an unusual power-up that changes how the game usually works, giving players a different way to play that’s different from the usual Mario routine.

Child At Heart – Fallout 3

8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games

In Fallout 3‘s post-apocalyptic wasteland, you might expect power-ups that help you survive or fight better. The Child at Heart perk, on the other hand, is different. It helps you get along better with kids. With this perk, you’ll be able to talk to NPCs in unique ways and learn useful things about loot and other NPCs.

Now, you’re not just surviving the nuclear fallout; you have the charm of a toxic babysitter and are making people like you. Who knew that being good with kids could be so helpful in a world after the end of the world?

Blooper – Mario Kart

8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games

Power-ups in Mario Kart can be anything from lightning bolts to shells that look for hot spots. But the Blooper is a power-up that stands out for how silly it is. This creature looks like a squid and squirts ink on your opponents’ screens, making it harder for them to see.

So, it might not be enough to win, but it’s funny to watch your opponents hurriedly wipe their screens and try to find their way through the mess. It’s a great example of the game’s playful side, showing that a well-placed squirt of squid ink can leave a lasting mark on both the track and your opponents’ nerves, even when the competition is fierce.

T-Rex – Super Mario Odyssey

8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games

In Super Mario Odyssey, players go on a wild journey through different worlds. In one world, they can even control a T-Rex. Yes, you read that right. Mario can briefly live inside a huge, roaring dinosaur. Suddenly, Mario changes out of his famous overalls and into a T-Rex with scaly skin and short arms that are surprisingly good at breaking blocks.

It’s a sight that’s both amazing and crazy, and it shows that in the Mario world, even the craziest dreams can come true. The next time you run into a tyrannosaurus plumber, remember to step back and let the dinosaur chaos happen. After all, you don’t see a plumber the size of a dinosaur every day.

Diversion – Dead By Daylight

8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games

Even though a perk is more of a variation on the power-up concept, Dead by Daylight‘s Diversion is too important to leave out. With the Diversion perk, survivors can throw a pebble to keep the killer from focusing on them. Who would have thought that something so small could stop something so dangerous?

When the rock is thrown, a killer’s confusion can be pretty funny to watch. Who doesn’t like watching Micheal from Halloween do a few confused 360s in Slope Game? It’s like letting out your inner troublemaker to throw off a killer who wants to kill. Just don’t forget to run for your life when Diversion starts to work its magic.

Car Mouth – Kirby And The Forgotten Land

8 Weirdest Ways To Power-Up In Games

Kirby, the cute pink puffball, has always been known for being able to take his enemies’ skills and use them for himself. But in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, things take a strange turn when he gets the power to change into a huge pink race car.

Kirby turns into a fast car when he eats abandoned sedans off the road. This shows that even the most surprising things can be used to make a lot of power. It’s like seeing Mario Kart and The Fast and the Furious come together in a supercharged way.

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