8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

In Trepang2, no weapon can’t be used, but some are better than others in terms of power and efficiency.

Even though Trepang2 only has 8 guns that players can use to kill the hordes of enemies that are waiting for them, each one is very different. Some are much more versatile and reliable than others, but no gun is completely useless because each one packs a serious punch, especially when attachments are added.

As players go deeper into the campaign or reach higher rounds in the Combat Simulator maps, though, every second becomes very important as large groups of enemies swarm them from every direction. To stay alive, it’s best to pick up a weapon that has a wide spread and can kill multiple enemies before it needs to be reloaded instead of worrying too much about accuracy.

This fast-paced first-person shooter is at its best when players use their strongest guns and throwables to make them unstoppable. It scratches the action itch that Doom Eternal and F.E.A.R did so well.

MK23 Pistol

8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

Even though it’s unlocked early on, the MK23 pistol doesn’t do much on its own. It’s only when used as an akimbo that it’s as useful as the other guns. Even though the gun has a lot of stopping power, it fires at a very slow rate. The burst extension adds a three-round burst, which makes it much better at shooting at small groups, but the 13 bullets will still be gone in next to no time.

Overall, the pistol is great for improving accuracy in the early tasks of the campaign, but it becomes a crutch once the player gets to the middle of Trepang2, so it may be best to switch it out when you can or go to the Workbench to add some attachments.


8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

The DMR can be very dangerous on maps with long sight lines, like Brutalism and Auditorium in the Combat Simulator. However, it can be too big and unstable for most of the other maps, which are much narrower and closer together. Even so, it is still a very fun weapon to use for any player who wants to kill a few enemies in a flashy way with great accuracy.

The 3.5X scope and connected laser give it a little more accuracy and make sure that every shot counts, which is very important since it only holds 10 bullets until the long reload animation.

Kriss Vector SMG

8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

The Vector SMG is very accurate and can shoot a lot of bullets very fast, making it easy to take out rows of enemies. When you combine this with the fact that the SMG has one of the fastest reloading animations in Trepang2, you can quickly take out small groups of enemies, like on the task Jorvik Castle.

If it didn’t only have 30 bullets, this gun would be a must-use for the whole Trepang2 game. However, as the game goes on and enemies get farther apart, requiring the player to be more accurate with their shots, the SMG starts to recoil too much, especially if it doesn’t have a laser.

Grenade Launcher

8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

For players who don’t want to focus on making the most accurate shots possible, the grenade launcher is a lot of fun to use and can kill large groups of enemies with each explosion (there are four before the launcher needs to be reloaded).

It’s also a great way to deal with big groups of riot shield enemies in missions like Horizon HQ. However, the frag grenade and rat bomb can do most of the same things, and the grenade launcher is very slow to reload, so it’s not as good as some other weapons.

Bolt Gun

8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

The bolt gun is basically a much faster version of the grenade launcher in terms of its fire rate, reload animation, and aim-down-sight speed. Unlocking it can be difficult, but it’s definitely the most fun weapon to use in Trepang2, so it’s worth it.

Each shot has a huge area of effect that can take out large groups of enemies. There is a two-second wait between pulling the trigger and the explosion, so players could even use it as a mine thrower if they expect to be rushed around a tight corner. If players time their shot right, they can even kill an enemy with the contact so that the next wave of enemies gets caught in the explosion.

VHS-D2 Assault Rifle

8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

After completing The Pandora Institute, the second campaign task, players will be able to use one of the most reliable weapons in 8 Ball Pool. The VHS-D2 Assault Rifle can easily kill hordes of enemies without even having to change the clip.

The rate of fire is very quick, so players can only pull the trigger as many times as they need to so that no extra bullets are lost. Even so, it can still hit its target as long as the player moves the reticle down to offset the upward recoil. The best way to use this gun, which is sure to cause a lot of death, is to use two of them at the same time, since the reload is so fast that players don’t even have to stop shooting to reload.


8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

Even though the minigun takes a while to start up, once it does, it can easily clear a path. It has the fastest fire rate in Trepang2 and 200 bullets, which can turn any enemy, no matter how tough, into mincemeat with just a few shots. Unlocking the minigun is one of the hardest things to do in Trepang2, but it’s never a bad idea. The only bad thing about it is that it takes too long to reload.

This weapon should always have the bayonet and a laser sight on it. The bayonet is for when enemies get too close for comfort, and the laser sight helps this compact turret keep its crazy accuracy.

Spas-12 Shotgun

8 Best Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

When you look up videos of people completing Combat Missions on Extreme difficulty in Trepang2, almost all of them will be using the Spas-12 shotgun as their main weapon. The main reason for this is that it does a lot of damage and can kill multiple enemies with a single trigger pull, making it the best weapon for Extreme difficulty.

The pump action gives players a second or two to carefully place their shot before shooting, but since there are 8 bullets before having to reload, it’s easy to pre-fire around corners on small maps like Cafe and Supply Depot. When using the shotgun with explosive ammunition and two hands, Trepang2 almost seems unfair because it’s so easy to kill targets, both close up and far away, because damage doesn’t drop off.

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