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One of the best parts of RPGs is making the most interesting character. Here are a few of the most interesting, but powerful, builds in Diablo 4.

Part of the fun of role-playing games is turning a character from a level one “noob” into a well-trained killer. Now that players have been able to level up, the internet is full of different ideas for how each class’s Skill Tree should be built. Each idea is worse than the last.

The Diablo 4 Skill Tree is how you can change your class’s skills so that they are strong in some ways and weak in others, but always fun to play. These builds may be for training, endgame, PvP, or PvE, but they all have two things in common: they’re fun to play and way too strong. These are the best Diablo 4 builds that have too much power.

The Whirlwind Barbarian

7 Fun Overpowered Builds In Diablo 4

This build already gets a lot of attention for how fun and strong it is, and that’s because it deserves it. This build is named after the Core skill Whirlwind in the Talent Tree. It can be used for both training and endgame.

The barbarian class is already a fighting class, so this build makes the most of that. Players can change some of their other skills, as long as they max out Whirlwind and focus on abilities like Stomp and Leap that stun or slow multiple enemies at once, making it easier to kill them.

Master Of The Hydra, Sorcerer

7 Fun Overpowered Builds In Diablo 4

Why do the hot and heavy work yourself when someone else can do it, especially if that someone is a many-headed monster that shoots fire? The Conjuration skill Hydra is on the fourth branch of the Skill Tree, so this is more of a midgame or endgame build than one for early leveling.

For this fiery build, you have to max out Hydra. It’s up to the Sorcerer whether or not they want to combine this with frost or lightning or just use the standard Pyromancer template. Powers like Meteor and Fire Wall would fall into this category. Players should also keep an eye out for gear or weapons that give them extra ranks in their attacks, especially Hydra.

Wrath Of The Werebear, Druid

7 Fun Overpowered Builds In Diablo 4

This is everything made for Druids. It’s strong, dangerous, does way too much damage, and can be used for both PvE and PvP. You can use it to level up or to cut your way through the endgame. Either way is fine.

Start with the Basic skill Maul, which lets the Druid turn into a bear. Focus on talents like Demoralizing Roar, Trample, and Grizzly Rage until the rest of the skill tree becomes available. Another top priority is any mix of skills that can help the Druid get better defense or last longer.

Twisting Blade Rogue

7 Fun Overpowered Builds In Diablo 4

The Twisting Blade talent, which gives this build its name, is usually thought of as a late-game build, but it can be learned as a Core skill early in Diablo 4. That means the character can get it early and keep adding to it as they get closer to the ending. By then, they will have made one of the most powerful builds in Diablo.

Already, rogues are known for their high DPS, which makes them dangerous in close combat. Once you have all of the Core skills, you should start this build by maxing out Twisting Blade. While you’re doing that, you can add talents like Disciplined Dash or Fundamental Puncture to make it even better.

Bodies Are Bombs, Necromancer

7 Fun Overpowered Builds In Diablo 4

When it comes to having fun, the Necromancer is hard to go wrong with. You can melt enemies with Decompose or cut them up with Reap, but if your Necromancer is built around turning your minions into live bombs, the most important skill is Corpse Explosion.

This power isn’t unlocked until the Corpse & Macabre level of the skill tree, so this build is better for mid-level and end-game play. Get Decompose as a Core skill and improve it so that Acolytes can use it. This will finally lead to the Ultimate skill Army of the Dead, which is just as cool as it sounds.

The Storm Wolf Druid

7 Fun Overpowered Builds In Diablo 4

Look at what it’s called. How can this not be an awesome build? It’s not as tanky as other Druid builds that focus on bears and thorns, but it’s a great choice for Drive Mad players who want a natural Druid build that works with nature’s fast and strong forces. These Druids use their ability to change form and their animal servants, which are, of course, wolves.

Start with the Basic Skill Claw or Maul, but make sure that Lightning Storm and Shred come first as Core skills. When you can learn Companion skills, Wolves is the clear choice. If a player wants a better armor class, they can also use their elemental powers with a bear instead of a wolf.

Thorny Barbarian

7 Fun Overpowered Builds In Diablo 4

This build is one of a kind because it is built on an offensive stat instead of an active skill. This makes it stand out when it comes to customizing classes in Diablo 4. This power is available to all characters. It increases armor and does damage to enemies. The power of a character’s Thorns will depend on how strong their core stat is.

This isn’t as useful or flexible for a weak class as their own defense skills. If the Barbarian has thicker skin, they can build up their main stat, Strength, to the point where their thorns are both a dangerous weapon and a good defense.

Use drinks, bonuses on gear, and other buffs whenever you can to boost your character’s Strength. As the build goes on, make sure that any passive or active Skill Tree skills that improve Thorns are at their highest level. Outburst and Tough as Nails are two examples of defensive skills in the Defensive Skills Tree.

Diablo 4 can be played on a PC, a PS4, an Xbox One, a PS5, and an Xbox Series X/S.

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