12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked


Each one learns a different part of Pokemon and helps the player in a different way on their journey. Here is the order of all the teachers.

With each new breed of Pokemon, there is a new professor. Professor Oak from Kanto is the first. Some generations have even added more than one through side games, assistant jobs, and other ways. But some of these teachers are more helpful or interesting than others.

So, who is the best teacher? Each one knows something different about Pokemon and helps you in a different way on your journey. Here is an order of all the teachers from the main series.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Elm is the professor who lives in the Johto region. His main area of study is raising Pokemon. Some people think he’s the worst, or at least the one who has the least depth. Elm is often shown dropping his pens or acting like he is confused and disorganized.

Aside from this, there isn’t much else known about the man. Elm doesn’t show up very often in the Generation II games. He gives the player their beginning, an Everstone, and shows up at the end to give the player a Master Ball and a ticket for the S.S. Aqua.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

In Sword & Shield, Professor Magnolia is the professor who lives in the Galar region. She focuses in studying the Dynamax phenomenon. Magnolia does a lot less than other teachers have done in the past. Besides giving you a few tips and showing up at good times, her main job is to give you the Dynamax Band. Getting permission to use Dynamax.

Outside of this act, Magnolia doesn’t do any of the other things a professor usually does. Leon gives you a starter Pokemon, and her granddaughter and ultimate successor, Sonia, plays a big part in learning about the past of the region and finding out what really happened.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Birch is the professor who lives in Hoenn. He is an expert on Pokemon environments. Birth seems to be a pretty chill guy, but he’s not very memorable. He is famous for not being able to fight off a small Poochyena on the first Route outside of Littleroot Town.

But he is more important to the game than the last two people on this list, so he comes in first. In the remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, he is known for giving the player different starts after they meet certain requirements.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Laventon was first seen in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. He went to the Hisui region to join the Galaxy team and study how Pokemon live. Throughout the game, Laventon needs you to go out into the field and look into different things about the Pokemon that live in Hisui.

In general, he is a happy person. Laventon tells you to clear your name even if everyone in Jubilife Village turns against you. As was already said, he is not from the Hisui area. The Pokedex says that he might be from the Galar area. This is because in Copperajah’s Pokedex article, he says that the steel type comes from his home country.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Sycamore is a bit of a heartthrob when it comes to teachers. This good-looking young man is the professor for the Kalos area. He teaches Mega Evolution.

He is much more important to your journey than most other teachers because he shows up often and helps you in many situations. When you beat the Pokemon League, he also throws a parade for you, which is cool. Like Birch, he sometimes gives out starting Pokemon from a different generation.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Juniper is a researcher in the Unova area who is trying to find out where Pokemon came from. She is the first female professor in the main series. She has the air of someone who is calm, cool, and collected. Professor Juniper can help you develop your Pokemon or check your Pokedex with a quick phone call, and when you visit her at certain points in the game, she gives you some great TMs.

Her father, Cedric Juniper, was also a Pokemon professor, so she comes from a line of experts. In the Generation V games, he will meet the player.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

At the start of Sword & Shield, Sonia is not a real professor. Instead, she is her grandma, Professor Magnolia’s assistant. But as the games go on, she’ll figure out what her role is and beat out Magnolia for the job. Since taking over her grandmother’s job as a professor, Sonia has become an expert on the legends of the Galar area.

Sonia is a very interesting person. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Given how determined she is and how stupid Leon is, it’s hard to believe she bowed to him during the gym challenge when they were kids.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Rowan in Sinnoh is the eldest Pokemon professor, and he is a very grumpy old man. Rowan seems like an interesting figure because he won’t wear a lab coat and seems to be older than both Oak and Sycamore.

He lives in Sandgem Town and studies the evolution of Pokemon, which makes sense since many of the Pokemon in Generation IV are the leftover evolutions of Pokemon from earlier generations. Rowan will give the player either a Chimchar, a Turtwig, or a Piplup. These are three cute Pokémon that are different from Rowan’s strict and hard appearance.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Burnet is a full-fledged Pokemon researcher, even though he is not a traditional professor in the sense that he has nothing to do with your trip. She is the wife of Professor Kukui from Generation VII, and she studies other worlds.

From the way she dresses to the way she acts to the fact that she studies Pokemon from other worlds, everything about her is comfortable. What could be better? She also takes care of Lillie and lets her work for her.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Depending on which version of Happy Wheels you get, you might meet Sada or Turo, who are both teachers in the Paldea area. Professor Sada studies the past of the Paldea area, while Turo looks into the future. When they meet Koridon and Miridon, they both become obsessed with their research.

Because Sada and Turo are so interested in their study, they often forget about their son Arven and leave him alone for years. They would die trying to guard one of the legendary Pokemon, but an AI copy would take their place and stay in area zero.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Oak is one of the most well-known figures in the Pokemon series as a whole. Oak has been a main character in the Pokemon games for a long time, from his first showing in Pokemon Red and Blue to his roles in side games like Pokemon Snap, the anime, and his frequent appearances in games from other generations.

Oak gets points because he was the first master and the one who showed up the most. But some players feel like he’s been there too much lately. No matter how you feel about Oak, it’s hard to argue that he’s not a well-rounded character with a lot to give.


12 Best Professors In Pokemon, Ranked

Professor Kukui is the only professor who has come close to being cooler and more liked by players. As was said, he is the resident professor of the Alola area, and he is shirtless and obsessed with battle royale.

He is an expert on Pokemon attacks, which is perfect for an area where Z-Moves are so important. His clothes are cool. Kukui is a great character because he is the Masked Royal in his spare time and was the first regional winner of Alola.

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