10 Magical At-Home Treatments For Treating Viral Fever

10 Magical At-Home Treatments For Treating Viral Fever

Are you someone afraid of visiting the doctor’s chamber? Well, sometimes you have to visit a doctor’s chamber even if you have a viral infection or flu. Of all the common health issues, the one that occurs in most people is viral fever. It is known as viral fever because it brings a rise in your normal body temperature. Further, since the same virus affects a lot of people, it is known as viral fever.

What should you do when your viral fever last for more than 3 to 5 days? Although you can treat a viral fever at home and get cured easily, it is always better to take the help of private doctors for proper treatment. These private doctors are experienced and skilled enough to understand the cause of the viral fever, diagnose you well, and provide a suitable plan of treatment.

What if you do not get the assistance of a private doctor immediately? It may so happen that you cannot reach out to a doctor immediately or your general physician is not available. But worry not. Here are some at-home treatments to treat viral fever at home. Let’s dive into each one of them individually.

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Drink a lot of fluids

With proper hydration, you can reduce your fever. Yes, you read that right. Proper hydration keeps your body cool and can lower the body temperature. With viral fever comes a sore throat. The sore throat is a response to the viral infection. To combat both viral fever and sore throat, you can drink both caffeinated and noncaffeinated drinks, soups, and juices.

Sucking ice

Can ice help to reduce body temperature? Yes, it can. Want to know how? Well, when you suck ice cubes it prevents your body from getting dehydrated and reduces your sore throat. However, if you follow this trick, make sure to wait for at least half an hour after sucking the eyes to take the body temperature readings. For accuracy, it is better to continue this treatment for a little longer time and then take the body temperature reading.

Adequate rest

During a viral fever, you get exhausted easily. Coming down the stairs or walking from one room to another seems a huge thing then. This is because the introduction of the bacteria or the virus into your body straight away affects the immunity system. The moment the virus affects your antibodies, you fall sick. In addition, your body loses the power to fight back immediately. To recover yourself and get back the strength, taking adequate rest is a must. Make sure to sleep for at least eight hours. You can also take power naps in between.

Rely on OTC medications

Indeed, viral fever is accommodated with a lot of body pains and aches. Sometimes, you start shivering due to the fever. To keep these things in control and help you recover soon, you can rely on over-the-counter medications. Some of the common OTC medications that help to lower a fever include:

  • Ibuprofen
  • Aspirin

These are antibiotics that give you relief from sore throat, body aches, and related other symptoms.

Use cool compress

Whatever treatment you undertake to treat a viral fever, your goal must be to reduce the body temperature. Here, a cold compress works wonders. This not only reduces the temperature of your body but also gives you comfort and puts you down to sleep easily. You can apply the cold compress either on your forehead or the wrist for better results. 

Shower in lukewarm water

What is the most troublesome thing that bothers you during a viral fever? It has to be the muscle cramps and body aches. Indeed, the introduction of the virus or bacteria does havoc on your body. Want to know how to reduce this? Simple, until your fever is down, keep on taking showers in lukewarm water. The lukewarm water shower helps you in two distinct ways:

  • it reduces your body pains and aches
  • it relaxes the muscles and prevents them from cramping

Keep a humidifier

Do you experience some dryness in the body while you have a viral fever?  The situation gets worse if your viral fever comes along with a cough and cold. During such a time your body demands moisture and proper hydration. For this, you can install a humidifier inside the room. This enhances the moisture and better the quality of the air you breathe in. Right from a runny nose to a dry cough and nasal congestion, the presence of a humidifier can soothe all of them.

Consume bone broth

During a viral fever, you lose the taste in your mouth and appetite. Everything appears to be bland and tasteless. Simultaneously, your body becomes weak and finds it difficult to conduct some physical movements. At this point, what works like magic is a bowl of steaming hot bone broth. This is a great food for your children, especially when they are sick.

Eat proper meals at the right time

You don’t want to be sicker and miss your office and work life. To get back to the normal course of life, consume proper and healthy food. Most doctors ask you to avoid junk food and spicy foods in fever. Consume high protein and carbohydrates to get the energy to fight back the disease. Do not miss out on fiber, vitamins, and minerals for better gut health.

Wear light clothes

When your body temperature is high, make sure to wear light and comfortable clothes to feel better. Wearing tight clothing during fever can make you claustrophobic. If you have a breathing problem, tight clothing can aggravate the situation. Instead, where soft linen or cotton clothes. Use a lightweight blanket when sleeping.

Viral Fever Conclusion

Thus, you can treat a viral fever at home by following the various treatment options mentioned above. For better physical examination you can book a private GP appointment in London for medical advice and care. The doctors are efficient and skilled enough to understand your health issue and treat you accordingly. Remember, you need a doctor’s help if the temperature remains the same or goes up even after trying the various methods mentioned above.

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