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10 Famous Small Towns in Baltimore You Cannot Miss

Have you ever visited Baltimore? This tourist place is one of the tourist hot spot among top tourist destinations. Also, here you find visitors crowd throughout the year. However, other small towns other than Baltimore are situated nearby the place and if you are looking to go somewhere away from the daily hustle, then these small towns should be on your list.

Whether you want to try different food cuisines or looking for a fresh environment these suggestions should be kept in mind and these have the best vintage antiques. Book Copa Flight Tickets for your trip to Baltimore. Here are some of the small towns list:

10 Famous Small Towns in Baltimore

The famous 10 small towns in Baltimore are Berlin, Bel Air, Ellicott City, St. Mary’s City, Easton, New Market, Pocomoke City, Monkton, Mount Airy, and St. Michael’s.

If you are eager to know about the list of different small towns, check out the list given below. The list will help you in your travel the next time you plan to visit to places other than Baltimore.

1. Berlin-

The place is known for its picturesque rescue beauty on the main street and it is located only a few miles from Ocean City. It has vintage collection shops. You can also find many delicious restaurants in the place. If you love art galleries then this place is a must visit for souvenirs.

2. Bel Air-

It is a small town, which is only 45 minutes from Baltimore. The place is famous for downtown shopping and has many local boutiques. It also has many delicious restaurants and cafes. If you want to enjoy the place, go for an afternoon stroll on the streets of Bel Air

3. Ellicott City-

The city has a huge collection of antique shops, boutiques and restaurants. The city has come under Limelight since the 2016 floods that grab people’s attention. Nevertheless the place is a must visit for historical buildings and architectural beauty. Check out Copa Flights for your travel to Ellicott City.

4. St. Mary’s City-

The place has a historical background and is 2 hours away from Baltimore. It was the first capital state of Maryland. It gives the 17th century wives with the old buildings and construction. The place has a serene beauty of water views and greenery. It is famous for its colonial life and architectural background.

5. Easton-

Easton is known for incredible landscapes, eateries and art galleries. The place is located between balty more and Ocean City. The historic charm captivates the people through its beautifully restored buildings. There are summer performances held at the Avalon Theater. In addition, various art competitions take place.

6. New Market-

The place is near Baltimore and is known as the antique capital. The place has become the spotlight for people due to its antique shops. Now, to get a shopping, you must visit to Main Street of the New Market. You will find many Antique Stores along with restaurants and Cafes.

7. Pocomoke City-

If you are fond of museums then this place, which is situated in Southern Maryland, has all the points. Along with restaurants and small eateries, it has the DelMarva discovery center museum that exhibits the colonial history of the place as well as the natural ecosystem of the Peninsula. Do spend time on the nature trail that starts at Cypress Park to the waterfront and Woods.

8. Monkton-

If you are planning to spend your time outdoors then Monkton is the perfect place. It is located just 40 minutes away from balty more. The place has gunpowder falls state park. It also has a station, which is a popular point to visit the river. The place is famous for the Topiary gardens, which has 22 acres of award winning spots, along with a serene walk in the nature. Usually, travelers do not get to see such natural beauty in a crowded area.

9. Mount Airy-

It is a rural town, which is 45 minutes far from Baltimore. Enjoy the retail therapy at their specialty shops. Also, visit the roadside cafes and eateries to gulp on their famous cuisines. Travelers get an option of trying out different cuisines. The place is known for the wineries that offer wine tastings and provides a tour to the live music. The shops have unique collections of items, which one cannot miss.

10. St. Michael’s-

If you wish to experience striking harbor views then this is the place. It was once known as a busy seaport but now it has given space to small town living. People from different places come here to relax and witness the beautiful place. It has many shops, a local winery and cruise. Cultural heritage of the place is something that people like the most.

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Baltimore is a very famous travel destination. But along with that, there are several other places where people can go and avoid the crowd. Book Copa Flight Tickets the next time to plan to visit anywhere and enjoy the benefits of the airlines. The flight offers the cheapest price for all your trips. So, do not think much, pack your bags and visit the place of your choice for your next holiday.

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