10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever


In the first AEW video game, there are a lot of strange tools just waiting to be used.

All-Elite Wrestling’s first game, AEW: Fight Forever, is now available on various consoles. This was a long-awaited release. The game is different from its rival WWE 2K in that it looks back to the arcade-style wrestling games of the past.

AEW: Fight Forever is a throwback game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has a lot of great match types where fans can see their favorite AEW stars. The game takes wrestling to an extreme level, and one of the things that makes it stand out is that the player can use a lot of different tools. These are the best of the 40 weapons that players can find under the AEW ring. They range from standard weapons to weapons that are funny or weird.

Pizza Box

10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

The most funny tool in AEW: Fight Forever is the one that comes as a surprise. A pizza box under the ring sets the mood for the whole game. This tool probably won’t hurt your enemies, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be popular, especially if there’s still pizza.

Who knows what pizza toppings used to live in this box, but in AEW: Fight Forever, athletes can humiliate their opponents in the ring by hitting them in the head with a greasy cardboard box. Even though there won’t be any blood, the pizza box could do a lot of mental damage to the people who are against you.

Caution Sign

10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

Some of the tools that do damage in AEW: Fight Forever are funny, and some are funny in an ironic way. Players can hit their opponents with the warning sign under the ring to make sure they read the fine print.

The danger sign won’t cause any serious injuries, but it can be funny, especially when players put it on top of their opponents’ heads. It’s a great example of how AEW: Fight Forever manages to mix guns that are deadly with ones that are just there to be funny.

Car Tire

10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

A car tire is another tool that can be used in the game. It is more of a joke than a real threat, but it can be used as a weapon. It looks great as a homemade hat and is a great tool for hitting people.

Players can put the car tire over the head of their opponent, which makes for a funny piece of clothing. While they are unable to move because of the tire, it is a great time for players to do more damage to their enemies.

American Football Helmet

10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

The football helmet in AEW: Fight Forever is meant to protect American football players, but it doesn’t do its job at all in Tunnel Rush. This hard, round, plastic weapon can cause a concussion and more, making it a great attacking tool.

Players can put the American football cap on their opponents, which seems like a sign of good faith. But this does more to make people weak than to keep them safe. Still, it is kind to make sure your opponent has the right gear before your next fight with them.


10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

Hardcore legends like the great Mick Foley will go to their graves with scars from their brutal fights. Mick Foley will have a lot of small scars from the pins that got stuck in his back. In AEW: Fight Forever, diehard fans can use thumbtacks to relive the horrible things that some of their best risk-takers have done.

Players can cover the ring mat with all of the thumbtacks in a big bag. These, in turn, can be used as weapons by slamming or pulling an opponent through them. Players will need to be careful, though, because this approach could backfire if the tacks end up on mutual ground.

Barbed Wire Baseball Bat

10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

Rightly so, barbed wire isn’t used in wrestling matches very often anymore. The wire is very sharp and can cut through skin as easily as a knife cuts through butter. So, it seems like its place in wrestling is in the past, except for AEW stars.

The barbed wire baseball bat is without a doubt the most brutal weapon in AEW: Fight Forever. It is made of razor-sharp wire wrapped around a blunt tool. If you use this on an opponent, it’s easy to make them bleed, which is hard to see even in an arcade game. It can also be used as a broom to sweep the floor with other players.

Fire Extinguisher

10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

During wrestling’s “glory days” in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the fire extinguisher was a pretty common weapon. It was used about once a month. In AEW: Fight Forever, this safety gear can often be used to do the exact opposite of what it was made to do.

In AEW: Fight Forever, the fire extinguisher is the only tool that players can “shoot,” more or less. As a multi-use tool for causing damage, the tank can be used to either hit an opponent over the head or engulf them in the gas it holds. It can put out a table that is on fire, but it is more likely to be used to knock out other rivals.


10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

The table is always under the ring at any good wrestling match. It has made and broken careers just as often as it has broken during a fight. The extra feature in AEW: Fight Forever is what makes these tables stand out, even though the weapon itself is one of the best and most powerful.

With the push of a button, players can turn a normal wooden table into a burning one that will end their game. Players can set the table on fire and slam their opponents into the flames, which is something that doesn’t happen very often in real wrestling. Players need to make sure they don’t end up on the tables that are thrown into the fire.


10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

Fans of AEW superstar Darby Allin can thank him for adding this tool to the game. If the players look hard enough, they will find a skateboard waiting to be used under the ring. The skateboard is one of the most useful tools in the game, whether the player is trying to be like Tony Hawk or just wants to do some blunt force trauma.

The skateboard is different from other tools because it can be used for more than one thing. When players aren’t using it to hit their opponents in the head, they can ride it in the ring and around the field. The end result isn’t always smooth or showy, but it is always fun to watch.

Propane Tank

10 Best Weapons In AEW Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever is mostly an arcade game, and players have access to an explosive weapon. This is not a joke; when you throw the propane tank in the game, it really does burst and hurt anyone in its path.

The propane tank in AEW: Fight Forever does not work like the other basic weapons. Since it does damage from a distance, players will need to plan their approach and make sure they have a clear room to throw the tank into. If people don’t do this, they might end up getting what they deserve.

Now you can play AEW Fight Forever on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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