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Snipers of the Arknights excel in dealing with physical damage from a distance.

Arknights is a famous mobile tactical RPG/tower defense game in which each class has its own specialties. The best way to deal with physical damage from far away is with a sniper. Their main goal is to fight enemies from a safe distance and kill them quickly with devastating long-range techniques.

By placing Snipers carefully and taking advantage of their long-range firepower, players can protect their team while taking out threats quickly from a distance. The precision and deadly accuracy of snipers make them an important part of any task and help make sure the team wins.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

No one is better than Fartooth at dealing damage from a very long way away. As a Dead Eye Sniper, she can hit from a long distance and deal a lot of damage. This lets her deal with enemies with low DEF quickly. Also, if she gets stopped, her second skill will let her hit enemies anywhere on the map.

Arknights players will want her, though, because of her third skill and her power to kill bosses from a mile away. She can do the most damage of all the shooters when the conditions are right. Her third skill changes her range into a straight line that goes on forever, making it possible for her to kill enemies all over the map. The skill also increases her ATK and does more damage if the enemy is four cells away.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

In Arknights, there are tasks where all the enemies pass through the same area, which is where Fiammetta is at her best. As an Artilleryman Sniper (AOE Sniper), she specializes in dealing with AOE damage from a long distance. Even though her first talent causes her to lose HP all the time, when her HP is above 80%, it gives her a 50% ATK boost. This means that as long as Arknights players keep her healthy, she can use her skills to do a lot of damage.

Her skills are what really set her apart. Her second skill fires a flaming bullet in a straight line for four cells. The bullet hurts foes along the way and explodes at maximum range, setting off a second explosion. But her third skill is what most people use her for. Until Arknights player stops the skill, she keeps firing at the edge of her range, killing most of the enemies in the area.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

Rosa is not like most shooters who have trouble killing enemies with high defense. She is instead a Besieger Sniper who specializes in taking out big units and making it hard for them to move. She can do this from a long distance thanks to her special range. Her second skill, “Split Shot,” increases her ATK and lets her hit two enemies at the same time. This lets her deal with groups of enemies faster and makes up for the fact that her attack speed is slow.

Her best quality is her third skill. With this skill, Rosa fires harpoons at up to four targets. The weight of the harpoons stops them in place for 8 seconds and deals damage per second. Also, her first talent lets her hits ignore 60% of a heavy enemy’s DEF, making it easier for her to kill them quickly.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

Rosmontis is one of the shooters on the list with a strange name. She is a Flinger Sniper who specializes in hurting and weakening ground targets. She can’t fight units in the air, though. In a group, her job is to set the stage for the DPS.

People know her for how well she can hurt and lock up ground targets. Her second skill increases her ATK and the area of effect (AOE) of her attacks and gives them a chance to stun. Her third skill drops two Tactical Gears to block foes and lowers their DEF by a set amount. Also, it stuns all close ground targets, boosts her ATK, and lets her attack two enemies at the same time.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

Bosses are the most powerful units in Backrooms game, and players will finally run into them. These units are very hard to kill, and two or three shots can do enough damage to kill a Defender. Here comes Schwarz, who is a Heavy Shooter Sniper who specializes in killing bosses.

When her third skill and first ability work together, it makes her good. With her third skill, her attack range changes to 3 cells in front of her and her ATK gets a boost. Also, the skill raises the chance that her first talent will be used, which lets her do a lot of damage to even the toughest bosses.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

In Arknights, there are always going to be tasks with a lot of enemies that need to be held back. W is great at this because she is an Artilleryman Sniper who uses stuns to slow down her enemies. Her second ability lets her put a landmine on a random tile within her range. When it goes off, it hurts enemies nearby and stuns them for a short time.

But when Arknights players need damage, her third skill can still do an insane amount of harm. This skill sets bombs on four enemies. When they explode after a delay, they do a lot of damage and stun them for five seconds, especially if they are close together. Also, her second skill makes her damage even better by increasing it against stunned enemies in her range.

Ch’en The Holungday

10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

Ch’en The Holungday, or (Ch’en Alter), as she is better known, is one of the few Spreadshooter Snipers. She is very good at doing a lot of damage in a wide but close area in front of her. Most of the time, Arknights players will want to put their units in choke points to get the most out of their ability to block, and this is where she shines.

Her third skill, “Bread and Butter,” makes 32 shots that boost her ATK and spread a sticky liquid on the floor around her that makes enemies move much more slowly. Also, the shots do a lot of damage to enemies on the ground by lowering their DEF and destroying them in the process. Putting her in a choke point ensures that the whole thing will be protected.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

Ash is a Rainbow Six: Siege Marksman Sniper from the team-up with Arknights. Like others, she will give priority to units in the air. But her second skill, which sets off the stun from her first talent and gives her 31 bullets that damage enemies while they are shocked, is her specialty. This makes her great at taking care of top units and bosses that can be stunned.

Also, when she uses her second ability, she gets 17 SP, which lets her set up her skills faster. Lastly, she does the most damage in short bursts, but her base skill, which boosts her ATK, lets her do damage over time when she needs to. This attack hits twice and lasts forever.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

Archetto is a Marksman Sniper who specializes in killing multiple enemies at once. He can easily take care of hordes of enemies. Through her base skill, she can shoot a strong arrow that does more damage to one target and slightly less damage to three other targets. Also, the skill only costs a small amount of SP, which, along with her first talent, which gives all Offensive Recovery sniper operators +1 SP recovery, makes it a very strong skill.

With her third skill, she can do what she does best even better. The skill increases her ATK, making her attacks hit three times and hit two enemies at once. This makes it easier for her to deal with a lot of enemies at once. It also gives her more range, so she can reach enemies that other Marksman Snipers can’t.


10 Best Sniper Operators In Arknights

Exusiai is a Marksman Sniper who specializes in DPS. He is one of the best boss killers in Arknights and has some of the best base skills among operators. Her second skill increases her ATK and makes her attack hit four times for 15 seconds, letting her do a lot of damage.

But her third skill is what really makes her stand out. This skill not only makes her ATK better, but it also makes her ATK SPD better, so she can use a series of moves that hit five times each for 15 seconds. Also, her first skill increases her ATK SPD even more, letting her do insane amounts of damage. Even though she is very strong, she does have a weakness. If an enemy has a higher DEF than her ATK, she won’t do much damage to them. This means that people must help her when she needs it by buffering and de-buffering.

Arknights can be played on both iOS and Android.

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